The ultimate way to avoid research, paint chips, sourcing, and struggle—and still end up with a perfectly-designed space.


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You may have decision paralysis, a lack of time, or simply other things you’d rather be doing. We’ll take all of the design tasks off your plate—from layout to selections—and hand over everything you’ll need in our always-organized, actionable format.

You’ll purchase and implement with our detailed guidance. We’ll even hop on a call with your contractor if questions arise during installation.

WHAT’S included?

  • <strong>Our Signature Consultation</strong> and Design Questionnaire

    Our Signature Consultation and Design Questionnaire

  • Samples and Style Guides for <strong>Finishes and Furnishings</strong>

    Samples and Style Guides for Finishes and Furnishings

  • Shopping List with <strong>Links, Instructions, Layouts, and Everything Else You’ll Need</strong>

    Shopping List with Links, Instructions, Layouts, and Everything Else You’ll Need

  • Presentation and Discussion of <strong>Your Custom Layout</strong>

    Presentation and Discussion of Your Custom Layout

  • Feedback to Ensure <strong>Everything is Just Right</strong>

    Feedback to Ensure Everything is Just Right

  • <strong>Up to Three 15-Minute Calls</strong> with Trades, Contractors, or Any Parties Who Need Assistance

    Up to Three 15-Minute Calls with Trades, Contractors, or Any Parties Who Need Assistance

The Custom Design Plan is the ideal solution to a whole array of challenges. If you’ve got a space that feels visually cluttered, not up-to-date, or just generally not representative of your style—this service is the answer.

Our job? To gather information, get to know you, and create an easy-to-follow, gorgeously detailed toolkit of instructions and links.

Your job? Simply to enjoy the process and then follow the plan.

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“Her design plan took my breath away, and I couldn’t stop smiling. She kept me on my budget, found creative solutions, and encouraged me to stay true to myself. I didn’t know I had a style, but Kathleen helped me to define it.”

Jeannette | Stockton, CA