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Life by Design

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It’s all about ease.

And really good design elevates the day-to-day. Our clients come to us for style that feels effortless, function that doesn’t announce itself too loudly, and spaces that feel like a warm welcome.


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Coast to Coast

The Custom Design Plan

Are you ready for a design that tells your story–with casual, sophisticated style that will stand the test of time? We’ll revel in the details, create a custom concept, and provide every element you’ll need to make it real.

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“Trying to research the options available and the many decisions to be made can make even the most well-intentioned abandon the project altogether. I highly recommend KTJ Design—no matter the size and scope.”

Bruce | Stockton, CA

For Clients in Central California and San Joaquin Valley

The Turnkey Design Service

Yes, we’ll create a perfectly custom design in the most elevated version of your style. But we’ll also supervise every element of the process—from procurement to scheduling contractors—with precision and grace.

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No research. No drama.

We all adore the final outcome, but design projects are not for the faint of heart. Sourcing perfectly timeless tile, considering the scale of the furniture and the height of those who will sit in it, getting the undertones right on the paint color, scheduling a parade of contractors…it just so happens we love it all.

A Savagely Effective Style Quiz

5 questions. 120 seconds. A no-nonsense summary of your aesthetic.


“Thanks to KTJ, our home is again beautiful and designed beyond our expectations. They managed our project from beginning to end with amazingly little time from us.”

Bob | Stockton, CA

Let’s Talk Design

“Kathleen managed to help me keep my fun-loving style and layer it with a bit of refined balance to make the space beautiful and irreverent all at once. And on top of that, it is SO FUNCTIONAL.”

Christina | Lodi, CA