Full-service design with every element handled. Each step of our renowned process is crafted to get you to the final outcome—a sophisticated, streamlined space that functions like a dream.


For Clients
in Central California and San Joaquin Valley

Full-service design is perfect for the person who values the final result but would also love to avoid intricacies like contractor management, followups with vendors, and the general mayhem that can ensue when a design project begins.

WHAT’S included?

  • <strong>Our Signature Consultation</strong> and Design Questionnaire

    Our Signature Consultation and Design Questionnaire

  • Samples and Style Guides for <strong>Finishes and Furnishings</strong>

    Samples and Style Guides for Finishes and Furnishings

  • <strong>Pricing Proposals</strong> to Align with Your Budget and Procurement Reports to Track All Items

    Pricing Proposals to Align with Your Budget and Procurement Reports to Track All Items

  • Presentation and Discussion of <strong>Your Custom Layout</strong>

    Presentation and Discussion of Your Custom Layout

  • Feedback to Ensure <strong>Everything is Just Right</strong>

    Feedback to Ensure Everything is Just Right

  • <strong>Detailed Design Concepts</strong> with Custom Furnishings

    Detailed Design Concepts with Custom Furnishings

  • <strong>Supervision, Scheduling and Communication</strong> with Artisans and Contractors

    Supervision, Scheduling and Communication with Artisans and Contractors

  • <strong>Weekly Status Reports</strong> and Invoices to Track Progress

    Weekly Status Reports and Invoices to Track Progress

  • Installation, Styling, and <strong>Final Details</strong>

    Installation, Styling, and Final Details

We’ve got this down pat and we’re happy to use our well-orchestrated systems to take you from start to finish.

Our job? To understand what you love, how you live, and what will make your day-to-day better—so we can design and install your ultimate space.

Your job? To live your life while we make it happen.

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“Kathleen and her team are amazing! They are so in tune to listening to the customer’s wants and needs. They understand your likes and wants before you really do.”

Melissa | Stockton, CA