Home Office Decorating Ideas

Mad about “Mad Men?”  How To Get a Home Office that Peggy Olson Would Love!

You won’t mind working from home with this stylish mid-century modern office (just don’t expect Don Draper to come strolling in with a cigarette dangling from his lips) because classic never goes out of style.

Home Office Decorating Ideas

Setting up a home office can seem like no big deal.  But making the right decorating choices for the space where you spend a large majority of your time is a very big deal. You’ll want to create the perfect ambiance to stimulate your peak performance.

Use these tips to develop a well-rounded list of what you need in your new sexy streamlined modern home office.

Tip #1 Home Office Desk:

Your home office not only needs to look extremely cool (duh!), but it needs to be extremely functional as well. This desk maybe streamlined, but with its attached credenza you’ll have plenty of room to stash all those important file folders.

Tip #2 Home Office Chair:

Ergonomics is important, but ergonomics doesn’t have to mean ugly. Go mad for this chair with its soft and comfy leather and wood back. It speaks comfort and class.

Tip #3 Home Office Sofa:

Spending hours in front of the computer can be draining, so of course you’ll need a power nap in the afternoon on a sofa covered in a calming green.

Tip #4 Home Office Bar Cart:

Any self-respecting ad (wo)man wouldn’t be caught dead without a bar cart (you can fill yours with sparkling water if you want).

Tip #5 Home Office Lighting:

You want to cut down on eye strain and headaches so install this abstract pendant for some design cred.

Tip #6 Home Office Art Decor:

You need color to get your work motor humming and this cheery and bright artwork will motivate you to create and get the work done. Be true to form by adding a sunburst clock to lighten up your home office.

Try this retro-chic design in your home office for a fun and flattering décor that is extra slick. It will make you go mad!


Poor Peggy Olson might be without a job at Sterling Cooper, but let’s imagine that Peggy is a natural entrepreneur and she has this great idea in 1965 to become a freelance copywriter or graphic designer in her so modern home office.  Go Peggy – we love your spunk!

If you are going mad trying to design the perfect home office, check out my Room Makeover Package to keep your sanity.

All items pictured are from Dot & Bo


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