Six Expert Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Will Impress Your Chef

Kitchen cabinets are a big deal. It defines your kitchens style and whatever you select is gonna cost ya, so you better like it. When you need kitchen cabinet ideas, you should start with understanding the basics and get those down pat. If you want more detail, check out this blog post.
Wall Cabinets:  These are the upper cabinets above the counter. Doors can be solid or with have glass inserts.  Here is a trending kitchen cabinet idea – open shelves for upper cabinets. This makes the room feel airy and light and it is a great way to show off your gorgeous dishes.

Base Cabinets: You got it, these are the lower cabinets. Most people select a stained wood or painted cabinet. But you might consider stainless steel or laminate. Laminates are fun coming many colors or another great kitchen cabinet idea trend is glossy white laminate cabinets. This kitchen cabinet idea is ultra-modern and sleek {and KTJ Design Co designer approve!}

Sizes: Cabinets come in standard widths and increase in increments of 3 inches. Base cabinets are generally 34 ¼ inches tall and wall cabinets range anywhere from 28 – 42 inches (or more). I suggest getting your wall cabinets tall enough to go all the way to the ceiling, if you can.

Stock vs. Custom:  In reality there aren’t too many cabinet shops that make truly custom cabinets. They may make the base, but get the doors pre-made. Stock (or off the shelf) cabinets are limited in quality and sizes, but they will be less costly and be readily available Custom or semi-custom will cost more and have a long lead time (8 to 12 weeks).  Semi-custom cabinets have more variety and come in more sizes. Many think that you are limited to standard sizes, but they can be made to fit. And if you have a good designer (like me, for instance), you can get pretty much whatever you want in terms of style, color, and size.

Which one of these kitchen cabinets ideas and design styles do you like best?

And remember, if you are stumped on how to get your dream kitchen in your head into reality, then you the need the help of KTJ Design Co Designers.

We get it, you can see exactly how your dream kitchen is supposed to look in your head, but when you talk to contractors or visit big box stores, you feel indecision come crashing down on you.  Don’t get stuck, you can stop procrastinating and let us guide you through all those decisions step by step and piece by piece.


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