Urgent Potty News Trending Now – Best Toilets on the Market

Urgent Potty News Trending Now – Best Toilets on the Market

I’ve read the news reports and opinions and frankly I don’t understand all the politics and social impact of the public restroom debate. So I thought to myself, “Oh heck, I will just use my own private bathroom.” But with all the water I drink and at my age, I would have to become a shut-in. Which may not be a bad thing with all the luxurious toilets on the market. Yes, I said luxurious. Honestly with some of the amenities they offer, you really could have a very nice relationship with your toilet. (Yikes, I sense the hate mail coming with that comment).

Wasn’t it fun when you were six to engage in “potty talk?” Or listening to six year olds giggle and laugh talking about farts. Oh, I know, we are adults and must act professional {boring}. Or let’s not, and seriously talk about some dazzling toilets with some surprising features.

Best Toilets on the Market – The Lush Amenities

The “Spalet” from American Standard claims with their new AT200 Spalet toilet “the daily ritual of visiting the bathroom is reborn.”  Now, I don’t know about being reborn, but this fancy pants toilet is for some fancy pooh and you must watch the video for some potty talk six year old type giggles. The bursting amenities include a “relaxing, rhythmic seat massage” in the automatic open and close seat. It is, of course, temperature controlled (I know I hate the icy toilet seat at 2AM). Along with a soft misting water wand and air dryer and naturally “for peace of mind,” a built-in deodorizer, like I said, with this toilet you might never need to leave the house!



Best Toilets on the Market – The Elegant Toilet

The fanciest of fancy pants toilets is no doubt offered by Toto. The Neorest is for the luxury minded and will “ensure a truly pleasurable experience” with all the functions of front and rear warm water cleansing and drying, a toasty seat, and not to be outdone – an air deodorizer. Ever eco-friendly with its patented “Tornado Flush” you never have to worry again. It is incredibly fun to use one of these toilets and don’t let the remote control be daunting –you’ll get this shit figured out straight away.



Best Toilets on the Market – The Sleek Toilet

Ok, let’s say you don’t have $5,000 to spend on your toilet and you don’t plan on becoming a shut-in, but aren’t you tired of trying to clean around that crazy goose neck at the base of the toilet and why, oh, why does the water valve hose have those pain-in-the-ass kinks that trap all sorts of ugliness?

Well, my dear, you too can still have a “designer brand” toilet with either one of these from DXV American Standard or Toto. They are sleek with an apron base and slimmer profile.

The Aquia II has an elongated skirt making it more modern appearing. It comes with a dual flush on the top (you know #1 and #2) which seems way easier to clean than the dumb lever on the side of conventional toilets.  You can get an automatic seat too, so you will still feel special.



Equally, appealing, yet more traditional in style is the St. George from DXV American Standard. It comes with the elongated base and no creepy crevices between the tank and bowl. Its formal structure and well-fashioned design is perfect for the more decorative bathroom. Although it is reminiscent of turn-of-the century style, it is revolutionary with a seamless sleek look, high-efficiency water flow, and integrated toilet sanitization. Be sure to check out the other toilet designs at DXV (it is my favorite line right now for all things bathroom fixtures)


Here is a picture of a bathroom remodel we just completed featuring both DXV and Toto products.


Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom? But not sure where to turn for advice? The designers at KTJ Design Co routinely attend continuing education courses on bathroom design and product development, so you can be sure you will get to pick our design brains about all things bathroom remodel when you are ready to make your least appreciated, but most used room go from conventional to a spa oasis. If you are curious about our design services, check out this design package.


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    | 14 June 2016

    Great post! I’m going to be giggling like a 6-yr-old all afternoon now.

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    | 30 August 2016

    useful post for finding best toilet for home. Thank you

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