The Quickest Way I Know To Add Character to Your Home

The Quickest Way I Know to Add Character to Your Home

“I just don’t know what to do,” she tells me on the phone. “I buy things that look good at the store, but when I bring them home they don’t look right.”

No problem, I tell her, we will come to your house and spend a few hours figuring out your style, what you need to purge and what you need to purchase.  Great, she says. An appointment is scheduled, fee paid and we are all set to begin design bliss.

As I walk into her house it hits me (Like Nate Diaz) – tan carpet, beige walls, taupe furniture, brown wall décor, and off-white shutters (hate shutters by the way).  I immediately feel heavy and sad.

(Big sigh) Why, I wonder, why on earth do you think everything has to be “neutral?”

And what does neutral mean anyway.  I click on over to Mr. Google and type neutral.

  1. Not helping or supporting either side, impartial
  2. Having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features

So here is my take away – beige is not helping and it has no character or features. Is that how you want your home to feel? You tell me that you don’t want it to be boring. You tell me you want it to look pulled together and welcoming.

So let’s make a strong statement and show some character! How do you do that?


I don’t mean a “pop” of color. I mean a ka-pow, bam, punch you in the face kind of color.

Your response?

(in a whiny voice) But oh no, I need to get neutral colors because I might get tired of navy blue (red, turquoise, yellow, green or whatever color you fancy) and what if it goes out of style. Then I will have to change everything in five years.

So, here is the next thing I wonder? Why is it ok to spend $25-50K every three years on a new car (I passed your big shiny car in the driveway) but we are afraid to buy new furniture and décor in the same intervals?

As you ponder that, let’s jump right into how to make your home have character that screams YOU AND ONLY YOU!

The Quickest Way I Know To Add Character to Your Home #1

Picking a color palette can be a scary thing, but you must pick a color palette and stick to it. You will create a little cheat sheet to carry with you when you are shopping and use it to make sure you stay on track. That way you won’t be tempted to buy something, while it looks great in the store, not part of your Style Guide. (Yes, I noticed the stack of rolled up rugs in the corner ready to be returned to the store because they were wrong). If you need a primer on how to find your color characteristic, click on over to this blog. For a little inspiration check out my Pinterest Board here

The Quickest Way I Know To Add Character to Your Home #2

Are you still having trouble picking out your color palette? Start with the artwork. You need a BIG piece of artwork for your walls. All those little family photos, signs with cute sayings (like “Home Sweet Home” that you got at Home Goods), and other undistinguishable chachkies you got at Hobby Lobby looks like a mess. If Home Goods is your gig, go straight to the artwork isle and pick the biggest piece you can find in your color palette (or find a painting with colors that wow you and adopt them as your palette).

We have lots of grand paintings in the Design Workshop and most are under $200. Or check out your local art community and annual festivals, you might find just the right piece of artwork. I know you cherish your family photos and you can create a collage of them on ONE wall, but they don’t have to be the focal point 0f every wall of your room.

The Quickest Way I Know To Add Character to Your Home #3

Make a list of the essentials that you need for each room. Click over to this blog to get a list for a typical living room. Take stock of what you have and decide what you want to purge and what you want to keep. Then make this list page two of your Style Guide and use it to keep you on track as you shop.

I’m sorry that you are struggling with your homes interior design. I know it can be so confusing with all the home shows and home magazines screaming at you. Just remember, you know what you want, you just need the right strategy to bring it all together. Click here to get a guide for a color palette.

Shoot me an email with your design dilemma or the next time you are on Facebook, like our page and ask us any question.

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