4 Smart Ways to Choose Your Next Interior Designer



4 Smart Ways to Choose Your Next Interior Designer

Your dream kitchen could be anything—like white on white with gold fixtures and subway tile or a classic tuxedo kitchen with multiple islands—and here’s what you need to know: Not all interior designers are able to expertly design your dream kitchen. For some of us, our skillset lies in darker, moodier aesthetics—even rustic or industrial—and that’s exactly why you wouldn’t want to hire just any interior designer to complete a project for you.

Choosing an interior designer for your project involves 4 steps that must be executed with care so that you know you are investing your design dollars with the right professional.

Question #1 | What is the designer’s end goal and how will they help you reach yours?

If you were to ask me this question, I’d tell you that I’m passionate about helping my clients develop their personal style and reflecting their wildly unique personality in chic spaces. I have a favorite style, but that is not important.

It is important for me to figure out what your style is and help you create a home that tells your story. We have an in-depth, proven process to help us figure out who you are and what you need in your home. It starts with a questionnaire, style quiz and a one-on-one design study. Even if you feel unsure about what you want, I will know what you want and need after just a few hours.

Question #2 | How do they handle present / unforeseen obstacles?

I have a serious can-do attitude and prefer to think of what can be done, not what can’t. If you can’t move a wall (because your house would fall down) to achieve the open concept that you want, I would show you an alternative design that creates the same feeling of airy openness.

“Wow, I never thought of that! What a good idea,” is an exclamation I’ve heard from many homeowners over the years and is a testament to what happens when designers constantly think outside the box.

Question #3 | Do they have any other skills besides interior design that will aid your project?

I have a unique background in both business and design philosophy which allows me to help you with every detail of your design project, no matter the scale. After we specify the finishes and furnishings, executing the project properly is paramount. Coordinating tradesmen and ordering / delivering product can be complicated and tedious, but I’ve found ways to streamline it so that your project stays organized and on schedule.

Question #4 | How do they handle budgets and deadlines?

As an interior designer and general contractor, I’m crazy strict about budgets & timelines. No project begins without a detailed, written agreement and complete transparency.

Sure, getting the deluxe marble backsplash or velvet chesterfield sofa might be important to you, but if you can’t afford it, I’ll tell you and provide an alternative product so that you still get the look and feel you want. (We call this value engineering, which is a fancy term that means figuring where to splurge and where to save on a project.)

As your full-service interior designer, my goal is to incorporate the classic principles of scale, proportion, color, and quality into your space, while weaving in your own style. This process ensures that your finished space flows well and represents your story, whatever it may be.

While you’re here, check out my portfolio to see all the terrific projects we finished in 2017.




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