6 Affordable & Beautiful Sofas for Your Living Room



6 Affordable & Beautiful Sofas for Your Living Room

…It all started last week when I went to Costco. It’s a Saturday, around noon, and the place was packed with people.

I browsed all the aisles in search of one thing—a new printer—and immediately got sidetracked by the furniture section. #designerproblems

From a distance, Costco’s sofas didn’t look too bad. If I’m being honest, they actually looked really nice. As I neared them, however, my heart sank when I saw…

  • Cheap fabric

  • Poorly constructed frames

  • Inferior cushions

  • Shoddy stitching

  • Unfortunate design

With my furniture design skills vindicated, I trotted off with my cheap, new printer and wondered, “Why do people buy generic couches when they could do so much better?

Probably for the same reason I bought a cheap printer: cost and availability.

Generic sofas can be found literally anywhere. These sofas are inexpensive, pedestrian in design, and don’t have a long lead time. You can go into a furniture store, sit on each sofa, make the decision, and take home your new sofa within a week.

So, I get it. It’s cheap, fast, and convenient.

Want stylish, affordable sofa options?

For those of you who are in a hurry and can’t wait for a custom sofa, I’d like to introduce you to some surprisingly good and inexpensive sofas you can order online. They all are in stock and ready to be delivered to your door.



Purchase each affordable & beautiful sofa here:

  1. Moe’s Plunge Sectional in Dark Brown; by Moe’s Home Collection; $ 1,751.9

  2. Zuo Puget Sofa – Blue; by ZUO; $ 821.99

  3. Zuo Versa Faux Leather Sectional in Brown; by ZUO; $ 1,410.99

  4. Abbyson Living Bella Leather Sofa in Brown; by Abbyson Living; $ 1,118.99

  5. Bowery Hill Tufted Sofa; by Bowery Hill; $ 1,575.99

  6. Pemberly Row Leather Sofa in Espresso; by Pemberly Row; $ 1,787.99

You can’t argue with those prices or stylish designs, plus I can vouch for each brand’s quality and comfortability.

(Don’t see anything you like? Let me create your personalized shopping list. Click here.)



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