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There are many arguments for supporting American-made companies: jobs for future generations, promoting American independence, better for the environment, and most importantly, safe and fair working conditions.

But for me and my business model, it’s really all about the quality of goods.

All that aside, supporting American-made companies has become more important than ever as we reestablish our struggling economy after COVID-19.

I want to share with you 5 of our favorite U.S. makers and the incredible work they have to offer…


The MT Furniture

It’s easy to find a nice-looking sofa at retail chain stores, but more important than what a piece looks like is its construction details. That’s why we like MT Furniture for our clients who want furniture they can hand down to their grandchildren.

Each piece of upholstered furniture is handcrafted: from the wood framing to the 8-way hand tied springs, the hand-cut fabric, cushions, and more. We can hand-pick each detail (the style of the arms, seats, backs, legs, and fabric) to get a truly custom sofa, chair, ottoman, bench, or headboard just for you. And believe it or not, the price difference is not that great when you consider the value of exceptional quality and enduring comfort.

You can “buy cheap, buy twice” or buy once and save time and money.

(Image: Naples Counterstools, Tower Design Interiors + Art; San Francisco, CA)

(Image: Naples Counterstools, Tower Design Interiors + Art; San Francisco, CA)

Charleston Forge

To finish out your room’s furniture design, we rely on the sturdy, hand-built tables and chairs at Charleston Forge. Their wide in-line selections coupled with the ability to customize any design (with solid wood tops, shelves, and exquisite glass) results in beautiful furniture that will last for generations,

The Naples Counterstools are one of my favorites.


Viking Appliances

20 years ago, I purchased a Viking Range. Everyone thought I was crazy to pay over $3,000 for a range. Three years ago, when I remodeled my kitchen, I looked at my range and thought, “Why should I replace this appliance that was in pristine condition and works perfectly?”

So I didn’t replace it!

My ultra-premium range is what you dream of for a professional kitchen. Now, I am in no way a professional cook by any means, but having all the features you would expect in a professional range like sealed burners and a porcelain top (for ease of cleaning spill overs), burners with brass flame ports (for commercial type power), and cast-iron grates (that have seasoned beautifully over time) is truly a dream.

Oh look, I bought once!!

(Image: Designer Jean Stoffer, Cambria Britannica)

(Image: Designer Jean Stoffer, Cambria Britannica)


Procuring product has been a real challenge as the supply chains have dried up due to the Pandemic Factory Shut-Down and closure of imports.

Fortunately for us, Cambria is made in America, so we don’t have to worry about imports and tariffs.

This quartz product is manufactured in Minnesota, so getting the product will never be a problem. But even more important is their commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment.

The best way to protect the environment is to get product that has to travel the least distance (no ships polluting the ocean), so getting your countertops made in America is good for you and for me and for our children.


MTI Baths

Several years ago, I was invited to MTI Baths Headquarters and Factory in Suger Hill, Georgia for a three-day retreat and product training at the innovative Woodward Mill House.

Their sculptured stone tubs, vanities, and shower bases are truly crafted by artisans (I got to see them at work first-hand!) and their patented air-jetted tub is the most hygienic on the market.

Not only is MTI an American company, it is also employee-owned. Win, win for the American spirit.

You can’t find anything more luxurious than an award-winning MTI tub (I know because I personally experienced bathing in many of them).

We must support local!! I know it is so easy to purchase the cheapest item online, but please make a conscious effort to seek out American-made products and local shops to purchase from. You not only get incredible products that will last and serve you well, you will be supporting the people and their families that work in the plants.

When we work together, I will source from American vendors and craftsmen whenever possible.

Happy 4th of July and thank you U.S entrepreneurs and innovators.

Until next time,

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(Image Sources: All images are credited to the sources linked for each company.)


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