Restaurant Lighting

Getting Just the Right Restaurant Lighting

Finding just the right light for any space is probably the most important element in a successful design, but restaurant lighting is akin to the lighting required for a theatrical production, because it affects diners in many ways.  
Fortunately for my current restaurant project there is amble daylighting, which is perfect for lunch, but what about dinner?  We needed to create just the right mood mixing plenty of sparkle with a pleasant balance of direct and indirect lighting. I found the perfect light for the bar area. The sparkle of Zuo Modern’s Nebula Chandelier will enhance and encourage conversation. Additionally, with the just enough crystals to bounce light off of the walls and ceiling, it seems to create an almost magical effect, giving the small restaurant the nudge of animation it required.
If you need help with your restaurant design, I can help you with a consultation or a design package.
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