Living Room Decor Ideas

Living Room Decor Ideas – The #1 Thing you Need to Do to Get the Living Room You Want

You’ve spent hours and hours searching Pinterest for the perfect living room and you still aren’t sure what to do! You pinned all the rooms you like and thought once you narrowed it down to a few rooms, you could just go out and copy them. Seemed simple, right? But something is still holding you back. It nags at you – “what if I make a mistake?” After all, it is a big chunk of money and a big commitment. I mean, you have to live with your choices for a long time. But you have to get started somewhere, because the toddler is becoming way too attached to the cardboard boxes you are using as furniture.

Let me show you a few rooms that are done for you, so you can stop surfing the web and get your weekends back.

The #1 thing you need to do when designing your living room is to get the basics down pat

Start with the fundamentals – sofa, chairs, tables, and media console. Once you have the basics you can begin to build your living room decor.

I have created two Style Boards with living room decor ideas.  One is more traditional and one is more contemporary. The color palette is neutral and fundamental pieces like these will set you on the right path to get your room started, now!

Steal This Decor – A Contemporary Room


Steal This Decor – A Traditional Room



Once you get the fundamental pieces, you can easily “dress” up your living room decor with some accessories.