Living Room Drapery Styles

I Aim to Pleat

Drapery and curtains are one of the most neglected elements in living room decor. Mostly because drapery and curtains are so expensive and secondly because they are so expensive, you are afraid to make a commitment on the color and style.

But (trust me) you need drapery and curtains to make your living room feel original, classic and timeless.  Drapery is the icing on the cake. Not only are drapes the icing on the cake, the benefits of proper window coverings include: an awesome focal point; much needed privacy; great sun control and insulation; tons of texture; and buckets of beauty.

Living Room Drapery Styles

Living Room Drapes

To me drapery is custom made with pleats and lining. It can be pinch pleats (very formal), goblet pleats (very chic), or reverse pleats (my favorite) or several others. Lined drapery adds weightiness and richness to any room. They soften stark angular spaces and make a room feel cozy, yet sophisticated at the same time. Match the fabric of your drapes to your room to play up what you already have and you instantly get a one of a kind look.

Living Room Curtains

To me curtains are generally very casual and are hung on a rod with a pocket or with rings and clips. They hang loosely, are not lined and breezier.  To continue the casual look, make your curtains a solid color. Boost the swankiness of curtains by adding a contrasting band along the bottom or along the sides.

Living Room Shades

A great alternative to the highly overdone white horizontal slat blinds are roller shades or roman shades. Shades are tailored and neat without bulkiness. Roller shades are perfect for living rooms or great rooms with french doors or sliding doors, because you can get coordinating track panels. Roman shades with a soft fold or hobbled fold are glamorous and lush.  Punch up rollers shades with padded valances and you are ahead of the curve.

Read this post to see examples of different living room drapery styles to get some ideas and inspiration.

Here are a few ready-made drapes that are KTJ Design Co. approved.