3 Simple Steps to an Easy, Instagram-Worthy Kitchen Makeover


3 Simple Steps to an Easy, Instagram-Worthy Kitchen Makeover

A few blogs ago, I posted a blog about blogs that I love to read. I know–weird.

One of the blogs I recommended was 6 Trends Home Editors are Tired of Seeing, and it talked about the overuse of “open concept” kitchens. I was rejoicing because I agree. I think this isn’t a good solution in every home for every lifestyle.

One of my followers commented on my blog wondering when granite countertops were coming back into style. She built her new home a short six years ago before the white and gray kitchen phenomenon started and now she feels like her home is already outdated.

What to do if your kitchen feels outdated

Obviously you can’t remodel your kitchen every 10 years, so what do you do when you have a case of kitchen envy?  If all you see on Instagram and Pinterest are white, white, and more white kitchens and you’re stuck with dark brown wood and brown granite, you’ll start to resent your space.

#1: Carefully look at the pictures of kitchens you envy.

What is it that you like so much? Is it the light and airy look? The white cabinets?  The sleek lighting? Be specific. Do you like the subway tile or, deep down, do you feel that it’s already overused? Don’t force yourself to like a certain design element just because it’s trending.

#2: Compare an inspiration kitchen to your kitchen.

Maybe the cabinet door style is the same in both kitchens? Maybe the appliances are the same? Maybe the lighting is similar? Find the common denominator and start building from there.

#3: Figure out what you could change in your existing kitchen to get the look you want.

Sure, you can’t rip out your expensive granite, but you could paint the cabinets a coordinating color. For instance, if you have brown granite, instead of painting your cabinets a stark white, paint them a lovely cream color that will blend with your stone countertop.

If you still are feeling a sad case of kitchen envy, schedule our signature Remodel Clarity Session. We can spend 2 hours in your home brainstorming and scheming ways to update your kitchen with a few simple and inexpensive changes. Contact me today!


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