4 Simple Reasons Why Counter-Depth Refrigerators are Better


4 Simple Reasons Why Counter-Depth Refrigerators are Better

Which fridge style is best for your kitchen? You have many refrigerator styles to consider for your kitchen remodel, and I know it’s a little confusing. I’m going to help narrow down your options a little bit here today by giving you 4 simple reasons why counter-depth refrigerators are better than traditional options.

Whether you get a side-by- side, French door style, or a freezer on the bottom / top (or no freezer at all), you need to find a model that works best for your kitchen and your family. Remember: the style of refrigerator can enhance or impede the workflow of your kitchen, so choose wisely.
[ctt title=”I have a real pet-peeve with gigantic steel boxes in kitchens—also known as standard depth refrigerators. I call them the Big Behemoths.” tweet=”I have a real pet-peeve with gigantic steel boxes in kitchens—also known as standard depth refrigerators. I call them the Big Behemoths.” coverup=”Uoh9E”]
The Big Behemoth is such an eyesore. When you are spending thousands of dollars to remodel your kitchen, you want it to function optimally and look its very best. This means not making a Big Behemoth the focal point of your space.

Here are 4 major reasons you should consider a counter-depth refrigerator:

Saves space and looks amazing

A standard refrigerator depth is 29” to 35”, whereas a counter depth refrigerator is generally no more than 25” in depth (so it fits nicely with your 24” base cabinet standard depth).

This is a difference of up to 10” sticking out into the kitchen! With a counter-depth fridge, you will achieve that magazine-worthy, streamlined look you crave.


Easier to use and clean

A counter-depth refrigerator makes it easier to find food items because it has a shallower profile—no more bending into the freezer compartment to find that frozen bag of peas or moving the ketchup and mayonnaise to find the jar of pickles. These more shallow depths are also easier to clean.


Improves the traffic flow

You’ll have better traffic flow in your kitchen with a counter depth refrigerator because it won’t be protruding 10” into the walkway. Better traffic flow is your ultimate goal in a busy kitchen.


 Doesn’t skimp on storage

Worried about storage? In order to get the same capacity as a standard refrigerator, you can select a wider refrigerator with a counter-depth style (an important thing to consider when designing your kitchen). This allows for storage of wide trays or longer vegetable bins (I hate it when the celery is squished, don’t you?).

Is a counter-depth refrigerator best for you?

The goal when choosing a counter-depth refrigerator is to have a more streamlined look—that in itself is very pleasing to the eye. This style of refrigerators is available in all models and in all brands. Also, this style of refrigerator is generally taller and wider, which is a great aesthetic when designing your kitchen.

Do you have a kitchen remodel in your future? You have over 60 decisions left to make! Read this blog post to discover why it is important to have an experienced kitchen designer on your team.


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