Elements of the Perfect In-Home Bar


Elements of the Perfect In-Home Bar

It may be awhile before we can go bar hopping again, so it’s no wonder that in-home bars are growing in popularity, and for good reason. Instead of going out, lets invite friends over and enjoy a “night on the town” in our own home. It’s safer and could be a lot more fun!


If you enjoy dinner cocktails (like I do) or early morning espresso, you can have it all at the push of a button from the bartender who knows you best…you!


But you might need more than just a well-stocked liquor cabinet. Whether you want to build out an in-home bar or convert a special corner on your kitchen counter or in your dining room, the perfect in-home bar is waiting for you.


Full-Fledged In-Home Bar or Mini-Bar, It’s Up to You

Do you want an in-home bar for two? Or do you prefer a full bar that can accommodate your lavish gatherings? There is no wrong answer.

Some of our clients prefer one of each, reserving one for all coffee-related beverages in their main kitchen (the coffee bar) and a more complete, robust version elsewhere in their home or pool house. No place for a built-in in-home bar? Look for freestanding bar cabinets or convert an existing closet into a bar area, this way you can open them up when guests arrive but close them off when need be (think mini speakeasy).


Choose Where to Put Your In-Home Bar

Create an area in your kitchen complete with wine chillers, ice maker, and glass upper cabinets to show off stemware and liquor bottles. If your home has a butler’s pantry, you can easily convert this area into your new in-home bar or coffee counter.

Ideally, you could carve out an area between or adjacent to the kitchen and formal dining room, making it feel like a “real bar” for the perfect in-home bar, with pub style molding and footrest.

On the other hand, think about where you party the most. Is it on the patio or poolside? Then creating a niche in your outdoor kitchen for the bar area where most people congregate makes the most sense.

Make Your In-Home Bar Convenient

Be sure to position your in-home bar strategically. You don’t want to be traipsing back and forth to the kitchen, so make sure your in-home bar is stocked with every element necessary to mix your favorite drink. If you can put in a sink, all the better to mix with, my dear.

Make the best use of vertical space too by adding floating shelves to hold stemware and cocktail recipe books. Or give your in-home bar a club vibe with mirrored walls, funky prints, and moody colors.  

Need more guidance in creating your in-home bar? Schedule a Discovery Call to discuss your options.



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