Put A Sock On It

I have been on the search for just the right chairs for my clients Master Bedroom Suite design and came across many “unusual” chairs.  We will most likely select something a little more main stream, but hey, it is fun to look, right? But just in case your chair’s legs are a little cold, you can put socks on it (see last image).
Branca by Marco Sousan Santos

Folditure Leaf Chair by Alexander Gendell

GetOut Mod Lounger by Offi

Hybrid  Chair by Merve Kahraman

Magazine Rack Chair by Seung Han Lee

Margarita Chair by Vanja Bazdulj

Moroso by Martino Gamper Gamper

Moussa by Yahia Ouled

Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera

Relics Concrete Chair by Jakub Szczesny

Tunnel Furniture by Noga Berman


Chris Ruby Personality Socks by Design Spray


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