Interior Design Grey Area

Sophisticated Gray

  It is a room in grey that will decide the future of interior design {doesn’t that sound profound? – I just made it up}.

Interior Design Grey Area –  let’s face it, every room starts with a neutral and my favorite neutral is grey.  At first you might associate the color grey with conformity, boredom, uncertainty, old age, indifference, or modesty.  I associate it with status and prestige.

Let’s take a look at these vignettes from my furniture line Bassett Furniture and I am sure you will enjoy the monochromatic color schemes or notice how adding a pop of color is oh so stunning.

1990-K159B-PARIS-FA13 2090-62A-Chesterfield-FA13 2607-62A-Sutton-SU14 (1) 3745-62EA-Versa-FA12 4469-CB46A-CustomDining-SP13 (1)


Let’s breakdown the various elements and design our own “grey area”

Starting with artwork (remember you always start your design inspiration with artwork – see my ebook “Your Room In The Nude”). I like this artwork from Grander Images

Monochromatic Oil Painting Black and White

Monochromatic Black and White Oil Painting


Next select the sofa (click here to see my post about sofa styles).  I am going to go with the Chesterfield (third image)


Classic Tuxedo Sofa

Classic Chesterfield Sofa

Classic Lawson Sofa

Biltmore Sofa

Leather Grey Sofa

And what about a sassy accent chair.  I can’ resist the patterned Club Chair (last image)

Whitney Accent Chair

Amara Accent Chair

Georgia Accent Chair

Jodi Accent Chair

Corina Accent Chair

Next comes throw pillows, area rugs and lamps. Then we will put it all together.

Here is our own sophisticated grey area!

Grey Room Vignette


Did all this grey area make your grey matter scream for some color right about now? Here is a grey room with a red sofa and fun accent chair – just perfect. I like all the monochromatic accessories – wall color, pillows, rug, artwork, but then a splash of red and a dash of pattern (did you notice the nesting tables?) make it so fun.

Greay Area and Red Sofa



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