How to Decorate with Green

A (little green) Monster of  Design Trends 2014

Celadon was a buzz word at the Las Vegas 2014 Summer Market I attended in July as a design trend for 2014 and beyond.  And just why do we like celadon (or to us regular folks – green)?

In general green makes us feel tranquil or calm. Studies have shown when used in a study room, kids will comprehend and read better or when used in the work environment, people experience less stress. It many folklores it is a sign of wealth or luck.

So, doesn’t celadon sound like the most fabulous color in the world? I think so and I like it a lot!

How to Decorate with Green

Celedon Shades

This color combination from Benjamin Moore Paints certainly feels lucky (Celadon Green 2028-60; Mesquite 501; Sea Star 2123-30). Consider these paint colors for you walls or ceilings.

Do any of these images make you “celadon” with envy? – They are all by Bassett Furniture – a line I specify in the workshop. Come check out the latest vignette in my storefront! You will be inspired by the quality and fantastic price point.

6388-0605-RS 4788-K060-RSB-C2 3989-62A-ALEX-FA12 2454-K153A-WakefieldTurq-FA13 1017-02A-Georgia-FA13 1009-02A-Keaton-FA12 6HG7-K832A-STYLEBSTSHELF-SU12 VO-MINI-MEDLEY


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