7 Interior Design Colors You’ll Crave in 2020


7 Interior Design Colors You’ll Crave in 2020

Each year the major paint companies forecast their color trends for the coming year and Designers and shelter magazines get all giddy about them with hundreds of articles, blogs, and social media posts about them (me included).

Round Up of the Major Predictors


Image // Benjamin Moore

First Light by Benjamin Moore

A soft pink hue that is an alternative to white or beige is a lovely soothing color that will make any room blush (pun intended). This is a color that will change with the time of day and the amount of daylight filtering into the room.


Image // Sherwin Williams

Naval by Sherwin Williams

We love Naval by Sherwin Williams and have specified it several times for our kitchens and bathrooms.  It is a deep, masculine blue that will anchor a room (another pun – on a roll today!).


Image // Dunn-Edwards

Minty Fresh by Dunn-Edwards

Intended as a vivacious color choice, I like it as an outdoor color option since it feels very “Palm Springs.” We just completed a spa bathroom in this color and, I have to say, it feels current.

The Color Picks by the Designers at KTJ Design Co.

Here are the colors predictions from the team at KTJ Design Co.


Kathleen – Elemental Green by Dunn-Edwards

I first saw this color at the Turlock Show House in October in Kellie Ellis’s room and fell in love.  It’s perfect for a boy room.  I like how it looks on cabinetry and can see this in a kitchen as well as a bedroom or bathroom


Image // Geneva Polendey

This grayish green color evokes a feeling of growth and renewal. With its hint towards gray, it also creates a moody, sophisticated vibe that is a great alternative to a neutral color.


Sandra- Hunt Club by Sherwin Williams

Rich emerald green tones began popping up at the beginning of 2019, particularly at KBIS and Las Vegas Winter Market.  I was so excited to walk into the GE booth at KBIS and find emerald green cabinetry in one of their displays.  Emerald green is a favorite of mine; it’s sophisticated, rich in tone, and such a classic color.  I especially love how well emerald pairs with gold, natural wood and classic black and white.  


Geneva – Nugget by Sherwin Williams

I fell in love with this color because of how versatile yellow can make your space feel during the seasons. Yellow can bring a warm aura to your home while still being a cozy and comfortable color during fall and winter. It represents energy and optimism, creating a rich and inviting environment. Pair this color with gold accents and cool blues or beige.

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