4 Tips To Finish Building A Bedroom Design You Always Wanted

We picked out your perfect bed in  Revamp Your Bedroom with 12 Sexy Beds and then we picked out your color palette and bedding  in How to Pick Bed Linens That Will Lead to Cuddling  – And now let’s pick all the finishing touches to take your bedroom  from a hot mess to hotness.

Bedside Tables To Finish Building a Bedroom Design You Always Wanted

You don’t have to purchase matching nightstands or necessarily a bedside table designated as “bedside.” You could get any occasional table, but pay attention to the dimensions of whatever you decide to use as your bedside tables. First try to find a table that is the same height as your mattress and it not any deeper than 24 inches. This is because you don’t want it to get in the way of actually getting in bed and you want to be able to comfortablly put your book or eyeglasses on your table.

If you’re going for a more eclectic look, consider mismatched tables, but have matching lamps, or vice versa.

If you are going for a symmetrical look (or more formal), definitely get matching tables and matching lamps.


Window Treatments To Finish Building a Bedroom Design You Always Wanted

Shades are more casual and offer better light control. You can get blackout shades if you like your room especially dark. We have new shade styles in the Design Workshop that come in great fabric choices and will give you both the formality and uniqueness of a fabric, but the convenience (and cost effectiveness) of roller shades. If you have big windows, mounting roller shades on the inside feels more modern.

Consider pattern and color when it comes to window treatments. You can get drapery in matching or coordinating fabric. The more you coordinate bedding and window treatments, the more “done” your room will feel. Using drapery to camouflage small windows is an easy design trick. (you can read more here)


Rugs To Finish Building A Bedroom Design You Always Wanted

You may have read other blogs, telling you that you should have the bed all the way on or all the way off the area rug. But, in my opinion, a large area rug should be placed at with at least one third or more of the rug showing, otherwise why bother with a rug if you are going to hide it under the bed.

Instead of one large rug, using fluffy and soft throw rugs on each side of the bed (it feels so nice on the feet and can maximize your budget).

Wall-to-wall carpeting works well in a bedroom because you most likely won’t have food in the bedroom and this is the one room where you will be barefoot.


Artwork To Finish Building A Bedroom Design You Always Wanted

Don’t forget to add artwork to your bedroom.  This is the final, final finishing touch you want to include in your bedroom design to get the professional designer look you are craving.



It doesn’t seem so jaunting when you break it down, step by step, does it? But just in case, you still need a little help, remember the Designers at KTJ Design Co are here to help.

If you specifically like any of these designs, you can get a done for you shopping list for all these items, just go here to get your design package and get started right away.


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