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Part Five: How to Make Kitchen Remodeling Choices You’ll Never Regret

John just bought his first house and it is a disaster. He needs to remodel just about everything, but the kitchen is on the top of the list. Since John just blew most of his savings on buying this house, his budget is tight. He has about $25,000 to remodel his kitchen. What are the best kitchen appliances for John?

Joan on the other hand, has lived in her house for centuries, the kids are moving out, her Mom is moving in, and she wants to remodel the kitchen. Since, Joan just finished paying for double college tuitions; her budget has loosened up (high-five Joan).  She has about $75,000 to remodel her kitchen. What are the best kitchen appliances for Joan?

Judy is moving into her dream house, but it needs to be updated. The kitchen hasn’t been touched since 1970 and she wants to remodel, like yesterday. She has about $150,000 to remodel her kitchen. What are the best kitchen appliances for Judy?

Best Kitchen Appliances Budget

New appliances will use up about 20% of your total kitchen remodel budget.

John’s appliance budget – $5,000

Joan’s appliance budget – $15,000

Judy’s appliance budget – $30,000

Ok – that’s it, we’re done . . . . . . .  NOT

Sure, we identified the first step in picking out appliances, (setting the budget) but there are so many other choices.

Best Kitchen Appliances Type

The next question you have to ask yourself is HOW you use the kitchen.  When it comes to your kitchen appliances ask yourself – What type of cook are you?

Do you cook every day?

Do you like to bake?

Do you consider yourself the Next Top Chef?

Is the microwave your best friend?

It doesn’t make sense to buy a top of the line cooktop, if you mostly eat out and mainly use the microwave. But if you like to bake (a lot), then maybe having a double oven makes sense to you.  Or what if your house is party central every Saturday night? (That is John’s hope anyway), then maybe an ice maker is top priority.

When we design kitchens, we always ask you to fill out an extensive questionnaire that pin points how you use your kitchen and that way we pick the best kitchen appliances just for you.

Here is what we would pick for John, Joan, and Judy.

Best Kitchen Appliances for How You Use Your Kitchen


John’s Appliance Package is from Frigidaire and is the best kitchen appliances for his budget.  John will most likely only cook on the weekends, so when working on a budget a slide in range is your best best, but we were able to get him a gas range, which will make him be way cool with the ladies.  Also, this mirco/vent combination is another feature to stretch your budget. John couldn’t afford an ice machine in his budget, but we could add an in-door ice dispenser on the frig.

best kitchen appliances midrange

Joan’s Appliance Package is from Viking. Joan wants something different from all her neighbors, so we picked this great graphic gray finish for her. It is smudge resistant and will look great as a contrast against her new white quartz countertops.  An under-counter microwave will tuck into the end of the island, which will be easier for Mom to access.  Joan bakes when she is stressed out, so she needs lots of robust ovens. She remembers her Grandmother had a freezer on the bottom refrigerator that she loved to sneak out popsicles  when she was a kid, and this refrigerator makes Joan fell happy.


Judy’s Appliance Package is from Thermador. Judy wants a thoroughly modern and robust kitchen. She cooks every day, so the 48″ gas range with a griddle and grill is right up her ally. Her youngest daughter loves to bake and has even won some local contests with her special cupcakes, so lots of ovens are a must. Then of course there are all the holidays that Judy always hosts for all her family and this work-horse of a kitchen will be perfect.

Do you have a kitchen remodel in your future? Need some help picking out the best kitchen appliances for you?

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