How to Design a Beautiful Tuxedo Kitchen

How to Design a Beautiful Tuxedo Kitchen

– inspired by Downton Abbey


Design lovers, I’ve been especially sad lately. My sweet cat of 15 years died.

Livingston was a gray fluffy cat with a white collar and face. He was the best pet, bringing me dead mice, rats, and squirrels every week, lovingly presenting them on the front entry rug.

He will be missed.

So what does a girl do when she is sad and melancholy? Well, binge watch Downton Abbey, of course.  That is exactly what I did this past weekend (my husband Bob was out of town so I’ve had the TV to myself).

I have to admit, I’ve already seen all the episodes—many times in fact. It’s interesting, though: Once you know the storyline, you can focus on all the other nuances. I was paying attention to the etiquette and rules contrasting them to how we live today.

I particularly love how they all “dress” for dinner. (Hell, we don’t even sit at the table anymore.) The ladies wore evening gowns and the gentlemen wore tuxedos. It was a quite a dilemma when main character / heartthrob Matthew’s tuxedo jacket was ruined by the new footman. (Oh my!)

Tuxedos on the Subway

Because of all this Downton Abbey introspection, tuxedos have been on my mind lately, especially tuxedo kitchens.

You may not have heard of a “tuxedo kitchen,” but this trend began in late 2016 and is all the rage right now. It’s quite simple really. A tuxedo kitchen has black cabinets on the bottom (like the black trousers) and white cabinets on the top (the white shirt and collar).

What makes tuxedo kitchens so interesting is how classic and clean they look. The color blocking of the two painted cabinets is often paired with classic white subway tile and black grout.

Accenting this kitchen with even more classical finishes is essential. (Think brushed gold cabinet hardware with matching faucets and light fixtures.) Top it off with a white marble countertop, and you’ve got yourself a timeless kitchen that will fit in just about any home and last you for many, many years.

What Makes a Tuxedo Kitchen So Appealing

  • A tuxedo kitchen breaks up the typical all-white kitchen and makes the cabinets look more like furniture when the uppers are the same color as the walls. Plus, the darker lower cabinets and island will stand out more.
  • The black and white palette is effortlessly chic.
  •  A tuxedo kitchen is perfect for smallspaces because the white upper cabinets will make it feel lighter and brighter. It brings in a level of sophistication to a small kitchen like no other design in a truly black-tie event fashion.
  • A tuxedo kitchen is also perfect foropen-concept kitchens, as they become stunning focal points. The black and white contrast won’t go out of style, much like a neat bow tie.
  • A tuxedo kitchen is very versatile.You can use any style of doors to achieve the look, so you will still be vogue whether your style is traditional or modern.

Want more interior design inspiration? Check out my Pinterest boards for all the tuxedo kitchens and more that I’ve pinned just for you.



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