Decorating a Living Room in Your Budget

How Much Does it Cost to Design Your Living Room

You call, we chat – I try to figure out what you need an interior designer for and I ask all sorts of questions, like…..

  • What room are you working on?

  • What are you trying to achieve in said room?

  • What is frustrating you about this room?

  • What does it look like when it is all done?

  • How much do you want to invest? (uh,oh)


It isn’t that hard of a question.

How much do you want to invest? (AKA – Your Budget).

The Budget Conversation

Let’s have the budget conversation.

Oh, that makes you uncomfortable?

Either, because you don’t know or you don’t want to tip your hand?  Or maybe, just maybe, you find it difficult to come up with a figure because you


Well, guess what? We have to establish this most important and critical basis first:

  • Without a budget, you’ll end up wasting money and time.

  • Do you have the funds to do what you want? If not, then we need to wait to work together for you to save up or figure out what compromises you are willing to make.

  • What direction do you want to go? Do you want forever furniture or “burner” furniture (ya know, like a “burner phone” – disposable and untraceable). I need to know what direction to take you.

  • Are you serious about remodeling or just fishing? – If you can’t tell me, then we can strategize on various action steps you can begin now.

Cost Breakdown Of A Typical Room

Let me help you demystify the design budgeting process by helping you identify all the elements to take into consideration along with a corresponding investment range guideline.

Here’s a simplified checklist you can use for an overview of what’s involved in all sorts of interior remodeling projects:

Hard Costs:

– Flooring: ceramic tile, carpet, polished concrete slab, wood, vinyl, porcelain, natural stones.

– Wall covering: paint, wallpaper, faux finish, wainscoting, wood panel, molding detail.

– Ceiling: paint, moldings, tin ceiling, wallpaper, stucco, decorative inlays.

– Appliances

– Plumbing Fixtures

– Lighting: task, decorative, pots and fixtures.

– Window treatments: blinds, curtains, shades, decorative or functional.

– Furniture: sofa, chairs, tables etc. – Decorative accessories: artwork, mirrors, pictures, sculpture

Soft Costs:

– Delivery costs

– Shipping fees

–  Out of pocket expenses

–  Demolition & removal

–  Labor costs: Carpenter, plumber, electrician, sheetrocker, tile setter, painter etc.

–  Design Consulting Fees

How Much Does it (really) Cost to Decorate Your Living Room

But you’re saying to yourself, “Come on, Kathleen get to it, just tell me what the heck it is going to cost me?”

I can’t tell you exactly what your room will cost, but I can give you some price guidelines to get you started. This simplified guide represents different price levels based on a typical living room approximately 275 square feet that needs new flooring and paint in our demographic area.

furniture budget

furniture budget

Here are the three living room vignettes in the Starter, Value, and Premium price points, with all the elements you will need to have a completely designed, knock’em dead, brag to all your friends kinda room.



They all look fantastic, yes? That’s what you’ll get from a professional credentialed interior designer –


So, if you want a “done for you” interior design, then let’s talk about your budget investment.

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