A Designers Best Advice for Buying a Sofa


Sit On or Sit In? What Do You Want to Do?

When I we pick out your sofa, people say, “Well, I want to test it out before I buy it.”  With a custom sofa, that is not possible. I can tell though how they would it to feel.  If they say, “I want to sit on it” that means they want a firm seat.  If they say, “I want to sit in it,” that means they want a softer seat.  And accordingly I will order the right type of cushion for their taste. Firm seat is spring down and softer seat is foam down. Simple really, but it took me a few years to figure this out.  Whatever I specify you, you can be sure I have “tested” and inspected the fabrication process to make sure you get the very best for your budget.


Field Trip to Furniture Fabricator

Last month I attended the ASID Presidents Forum in Southern California and used the opportunity to visit my furniture fabricator. It’s nice to spend some time chatting with the people I only correspond with by email or telephone. The owner gave me a VIP tour and I asked lots of questions.


A Designers Best Advice for Buying a Sofa – Cushy Coils

There are two types of coils. Sinuous coils or eight-way hand tied. Sinuous coils are the general standard and are a good choice. However, if you want a sofa that will last forever and be re-upholstered by many future generations, then eight-way hand tied is your best bet.  You will, of course,  pay double, but for some this is worth it.


A Designers Best Advice for Buying a Sofa – Frothy Foam

Our sofas are fabricated with thick foam that has a “bumper” (sort of like a baby bump) sandwiched in the middle. This is all wrapped with batting. It is firm and cushy at the same time (and oh so comfy). Sitting on this cushion may indeed make you froth at the mouth it feels so good.


A Designers Best Advice for Buying a Sofa – Plucking Feathers

Many a folks think that getting a comfy cushion means using down feathers. Not the case, my friends. We use another synthetic product that won’t bunch. And it is sewn into channels that keep nice and neatly in place and “feathery” without any quills to stick you in the behind.


A Designers Best Advice for Buying a Sofa – Hard as Wood

How the frame is construction is important. And it should be from the best hardwoods possible. The construction is important too. You don’t want your sofa to begin to wobble and creak.


Sit On or Sit In? What Do You Want to Do?

Tell me what you want! I’d love to hear about how we at KTJ Design Co. can help you get the sofa that is just right. You may think it is more expensive and decide you’ll just grab that sofa set at Costco, but I guarantee your custom sofa will not cost more and will last you a lot longer.

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