How to Design a White Sofa Perfect for Kids and Pets

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How to Design a White Sofa Perfect for Kids and Pets

When you see the beautiful off-white sofa in The Shoppe at KTJ Design Co, I’m sure you’re thinking that would never work in your home.


We get it. Real life means dirty kids, shedding pets, and inevitable spills. …but guess what?

That off-white sofa with linen style upholstery, deep cushions and curvy arms is perfect for your casual life because it is covered in a fabric that is soft, breathable, durable, water-repellent and stain-resistant. Your pets, kids, guests, and busy schedule just meet their match with high performance fabrics.

What is High Performance Fabric?


High performance fabric is regularly used on outdoor furniture and has evolved over the past few years to become the new standard for indoor furniture as well. The fabric fibers are dyed and treated prior to being woven, making every square inch able to naturally resists stains, spills and odors. Even though this type of fabric is made and or treated with chemicals, all the fabrics from major manufacturers like Sunbrella and Crypton are Green Guard certified (low in chemicals and emissions and never made with any known harmful materials).

Interested in Furniture Upholstery with High Performance Fabrics?


We love using high performance fabrics on all the upholstery pieces we specify. With so many beautiful choices when it comes to style, color and pattern, there is absolutely no reason not to use a fabric that will work with the way you live. You no longer have to make a choice between beauty and durability.

Come visit The Shoppe at KTJ Design Co to see the three vignettes we have staged just for you with ALL (of course) high performance fabrics. If you don’t see the exact style or size you want, we can custom design, order and deliver the exact furniture piece(s) of your dreams.


We’ve got an event coming up if you’ve got questions about what it’s like to work with an Interior Designer. We’re busting some myths and serving a great lunch and cocktails. Join us.

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