Here’s Why You Should Mix and Match Your Patterns


Here’s Why You Should Mix and Match Your Patterns

I’ve been talking a lot about my tag line, Uniquely Your Own, and it’s more than a point of view, it’s a way of life and here’s why I think patterns are so important.

Ten years ago when I lost the eyesight in my right eye, I went through months of rehabilitation. You’d think, no problem you’ve got another eye and you can still see, which is true. But it takes the brain time to adjust and my biggest problem was going out into new places or in crowded areas. I would have terrible panic attacks to where my mind would literally shut down – Really scary stuff.

Luckily for me I had terrific cognitive rehabilitation where I was taught all sorts of couping mechanisms (I have other problems besides my eye-sight related to brain injuries (read this blog), but that is not the point here). My therapists taught me that in new places, the brain automatically searches for familiar patterns.  When you see something familiar, like a row of books, or the leaves on an oak tree – things that you recognize, you feel calm.  He taught me to seek out familiar patterns to get my bearings. And it worked.

When people see me now they say “oh you’ve recovered nicely” typically thinking that I’ve returned to how I was before my accident. But there is no going back. I didn’t recover, but instead had to reinvent myself. I became something completely different from what I was before.

How Does This All Relate to Uniquely Your Own Interior Design?

Several things, which might seem a little benign to you when remodeling your kitchen and bath or furnishing your home, but let’s be honest here, you’re going to be spending a lot of money. And your home is a big deal.

So I want it to be completely different from what you had before. Before I ever begin designing your kitchen, I asked lots of annoying questions. For instance is coffee your jam? Then maybe you need Java Jam Central with a built-in coffee system.

Are you a pressed juice maniac? Maybe you need a slide-out pop-out shelf in one of your base cabinets to house your juicer. Yes, that’s right – you need a Juice Box Station.

Or how about this? Has your ten year old daughter watched every single episode of Cupcake Wars (about a million times)? Then you probably need a baking work area- like a pull out work zone topped with a marble counter that is perfect for rolling out all that dough?


How Adding Pattern Will Make all The Difference

I want to make every design Uniquely Your Own and this is why I ALWAYS add pattern into my designs. From tile to textiles and everything in between, you will see lots of patterns in my designs. I explain to my clients that pattern is what makes a room feel “right” because, you see, our brains crave pattern.

[ctt title=”When you mix and match patterns it makes a room feel “right” because, you see, our brains crave pattern.” tweet=”When you mix and match patterns it makes a room feel “right” because, you see, our brains crave pattern.” coverup=”xVUC4″]

As I was contemplating my tag line, I asked Sandra what is unique about KTJ Design Co. She immediately said, you always add lots of patterns. And I knew that is why “Uniquely Your Own” is more than a slogan, it means you will have a home where you know you are safe and your world is familiar.

You can read this blog to learn how to mix and match patterns.


The Next Steps to Getting Uniquely Your Own Design and Something Different From All the Rest

If you crave order, but want something different, schedule a Remodel Clarity Session to get started on the prologue to Your Story – that is your home.


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  • Jen Pollard
    | 9 November 2016

    Thank you for sharing your journey. It was so great to hear about your progress to where you are today. And, I LOVE patterns. So I’m completely with you!

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