Why Your Furniture Pieces Shouldn’t Match


Why Your Furniture Pieces Shouldn’t Match

 Have you ever been tempted to buy a furniture set? Everything matches and, technically, looks good together because…matchy, matchy. Right?

But guess what? Switching things up is not only fun, it actually makes your room feel more “designed” instead of implying, “I bought this set at a discount furniture store last weekend.”

How to Select Furniture that Coordinates With Each Other

We like to design our rooms by mixing furniture, patterns, and color so that the space coordinates instead of “matches.”  While it is important to have a common thread throughout the space, a room looks best when it is made up of different pieces that are working together. Ready to try this yourself? Follow my easy tips below.


Tip #1

Instead of a matching sofa and loveseat, get a sofa with a pair of chairs in fabrics of the same hue but with different textures and patterns.


Tip #2

Consider getting an upholstered bed with a night stand on one side and a writing desk on the other side. Pair it with a dresser of a similar wood finish but a completely different shape. This will make the room feel as if it has been “collected” over time.


Tips #3

Don’t forget to throw in an accent piece. For example, if all the furniture is wood, add a painted table to shake things up.


Tips #4

For goodness sake, don’t ever get a pair of matching lamps. Look for lamps of varying sizes, finishes and shapes.


Tips #5

Create some interest with different patterns. Pick one larger scale pattern and pair it with a smaller scale pattern, like a large geometric print with a smaller floral print. The secret to make them coordinate is to ensure their colors are the same hue.


Tip #6

Mix the old with the new. Find a beautiful antique piece at an estate sale, or better yet, rummage through grandma’s attic for an heirloom piece and mix it with new or modern styles.

Need Some Help?

I know this feels overwhelming, especially when you’re at the big box furniture store with so many options in front of you. Just remember to mix and match those living room and bedrooms sets (or just work directly with the designers in our showroom to make your furniture selection process much easier and regret-free). Go here to map your drive to our showroom.


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