Why You Should Let Gold and Silver Hangout Together

Why you should Let Gold and Silver Hangout Together

Are you watching the Olympics? Pretty exciting, huh? It got me to thinking about metals and why you should mix it up when it comes to your design.  Most people that invite me into their home for a consultation, immediately want to rip out their brass fixtures and only want all “silver” or all “bronze,” but let me tell you mixing up your metals is not only a good design choice, it animates your space like nothing else can. Let’s examine why I think you should let gold and silver hangout together and become your best friend.

You can breathe a big sigh of relief, because you no longer have to choice between gold, silver, or bronze. Not only can you trip the light fantastic with metallic spoils, you can be assured that with the right balance of gold, silver or bronze, your home will feel elegant and a bit eclectic all at the same time.

Here are my top three reasons why you should let gold and silver hangout together.

Gold and Silver Adds Charm and Texture

Consider adding a gold chandelier or pendants in your kitchen against your modern stainless steel appliance. This will instantly and easily add charm and texture to what could otherwise be a cold and bland kitchen.  Contrary to your belief that matching finishes is how you coordinate your kitchen, mixing warm metals like gold (brass) with cool metals like silver (chrome)is one way to incorporate an interesting and rich pop of color.

Gold and Silver – Pick One Dominant Metal

A little can go a long way with metal, so pick one as your dominant metallic. Then add one other metal to compliment your favorite to make sure your room has a sense of unity. This is especially important with a neutral color palette. A big gold mirror or a geometric gold coffee table will make the room come to life and add some warmth and sparkle.

Gold and Silver for Dynamic Energy

Not confident in adding mixed metals with the big pieces like hardware and furnishings? Consider incorporating metals with other design elements like fabric, art, picture frames, or even wallpaper and paint. Adding a few silver accessories atop the gold coffee table will bring a bit of dynamic energy to the room.  A few pillows with gold flicked fabric, will immediately add a bit of whimsy.

Here are two images from House Beautiful that demonstrates how harmonious gold and silver hangout together in these kitchen designs.



Ripping out those brass kitchen or bathroom fixtures might not be a such good idea, after all, hey?

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