Yes, There IS Life Beyond Pottery Barn!


“Uniquely Your Own”

That is my new tag line and you may wonder how I came up with this specific mantra.
Well, let me tell you – it wasn’t me hiring a fancy pants copywriter (although I do have a fancy pants copywriter) to come up with my point of view. It wasn’t me pulling something out of my head that sounded cute.

It was years of experience honing my niche market and analyzing why in the heck you should hire me over all the other designers out there (and there are lots of them). And it took me years of tweaking my message to find my own voice and my own point of view.

Hundreds of Thousands of Designers Converging in One Place Will Blow Your Mind

My path to interior design is a little unconventional (if you don’t know my story, read my About page), but during my senior year in Design College I went to “market.” You may not know what that means (I sure didn’t, having never worked in retail), but there are many markets all over the country – Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Texas, South Carolina, New York and so on. Hundreds of thousands of designers converge for a few days on these markets each year to see all the new and fantastic products offered by the manufacturers.

I was completely blown away by the sheer volume of designers and product all in one place. I learned so much on that first visit and I immediately wondered, why oh why would anyone purchase those mass-produced often poor-quality catalog products, when for the same price you can get something with better quality – something unlike what everyone else on the block has?

This has been my struggle – getting my clients to realize there is so much more than those furniture catalogs you get in the mail. Sure, the catalogs have lots of pretty pictures, but do you really want to live in a Pottery Barn world where everything and everyone is the same?

Why You don’t Want to Live in Pottery Barn World

By working with me, you get a room that is – uniquely your own.

It doesn’t look like any page on those cookie-cutter catalogs.

It doesn’t look like you purchased the sectional next to the lady selling BBQ wienies at the big warehouse store.

It doesn’t look like all the other homes of your kids’ classmates, or the ladies in your book club, or that annoying guy who always tries to one-up you.

When you decide to work with me, you get me to help YOU find your own point of view! Our process is less about picking out just stuff, and more about creating a home to tell your story and making everything in it uniquely your own.

No one can steal your one of a kind style, because it is like no other – it is uniquely your own. And when you finally live in a home that reflect that style exquisitely, it feels incredible!

If you want to learn more about working with me, please check out my services page.

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