The Future of Design Trends in 2019 and Beyond


The Future of Design Trends in 2019 and Beyond

Labor Day has come and gone, which to me signals the end of summer and the beginning of a new season – Fall. I have to say this is one of my favorite seasons (but ask me at the beginning of Winter and I’ll swear it is my favorite season).

If you follow me at all on the social media parallel universe you know I’m posting all kinds of images about what is trending now. Right now and just for you, I’m drilling down to the things I see as trending, but having longevity long into the future.


Kitchens – Design Trends!

We no longer want to see appliances sticking out all over the place. Watch for hoods that are slim and turn on automatically and induction cooktops that are becoming extremely popular because of their streamline look and clean/safe cooking features. (you can see induction cooktops popping up in our next two kitchen reveals)


Bathrooms – Design Trends!

People are wanting their bathrooms to have a spa-like feel. Watch for air-jetted tubs, washlet toilets, and statement artwork in bathrooms. This room once considered only utilitarian is becoming the second hub of the home (after the kitchen) as self-care is becoming more and more important in our hectic lives. People want a private space to unwind and unplug.


Tile – Design Trends!

You’ll see less and less tile in bathrooms as stone slabs takeover the shower walls and shower pan. We say adios to grout. Also, say goodbye to the ugly round or square chrome drain as linear drains with concealed covers make curbless showers so sexy.

Mixed Metals – Design Trends!


Did you just rip out your brass plumbing fixtures?  Oh snap, their back! Plumbing fixtures are showing up in all sorts of metals, from brass to pewter and even gunmetal . Chrome is still the most durable, but don’t think you have to have just one finish. Mix it up. If your brass sink fixtures are in good shape, but your shower head has seen better days, keep the sink valves and just replace the shower valve in a different metal. It’s ok – we’re an all-inclusive society now, so remember your brass fixtures matter.

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