How to Rebel Against All Halloween Decor


How to Rebel Against All Halloween Decorating

Do you ever get a good old fashioned case of FOMO? (You know, the “fear of missing out.”)

I do all the time, especially during autumn when I look at social media and see a million posts of breath-taking autumn wreaths or the plethora of charming Halloween mantle decorations.

…but let’s get real for a second, folks. I don’t have time for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas decorating (gasp!), and it makes me feel like a real loser. Heck, I’m lucky if I get a pumpkin on the front stoop (and there is a pumpkin patch right down the street from my house, so I have no excuse).

I might as well forget about walking into Hobby Lobby or Home Goods this time of year. Those stores are already screaming Christmas! and I’m just not in the mood for carols and ornaments just yet.

To be honest, this blog post isn’t about “How to Have the Best Halloween Decoration.” Instead, I’m using this space to officially give you permission to skip the wreath on the front door, to leave the mantle undecorated, and to not think about Christmas until December.

I might get excommunicated from the interior design community for this rebellious, anti-seasonal décor manifesto (just kidding…they can’t make me leave!).

Join My Rebellion against Halloween Decor

To take part, you can do one of these things:


Go get a massage. Yup, be totally selfish. Instead of dropping $60 at Hobby Lobby on some useless, fake foliage, go get a massage! You will feel more relaxed and your family will thank you for it.


Go give blood. We hear horrible news about all the disasters in our world. Go do something to help someone else. You will feel very accomplished and the sense of giving back will make watching the morning news report a little more bearable.


Read a book. Let’s get off social media and read a good, old fashioned book. In fact, you should walk to the park, sit on a bench, and read right now (and if you’re so desperate for something Halloween’ish – grab a pumpkin spice latte to sip).

You know what I’m gonna do to combat my holiday decorating FOMO?

I think I will print out a picture of a pumpkin, fall wreath, and jingle bells and paste them on my front door. Take that Pinterest!

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