What Sets Me Apart from Other Interior Designers Out There

I know when it comes to choosing the right interior designers for your home, you have dozens if not hundreds of choices, but I think I bring something to the table no one else does.

My unique background in Public Accounting allows me to put an analytic spin on design like no other. Sure, everyone wants to get the most for their dollar. But is paying the cheapest price really getting the most for your dollar?

No, it’s not. Only when you can objectively look at a cost/benefit analysis of what you want over what you need, can you get the most for your design dollars.

Here’s What They are Telling Me and Why It is Important for When you Choose Interior Designers


During a recent job site visit, my client Don told me he was so impressed with the way I am looking out for his dollar. I learned from the beginning his design aesthetic and the style he was looking for. We sourced products that would give him the look and feel he was trying to accomplish. And even though he is doing a multi-million-dollar renovation, it is important to him and he appreciates that I know the value of money and the value of the resources, unlike other interior designers who spend without regard.

We could have easily picked all the insanely expensive “designer” fixtures (that would be so fun for us, I’m just sayin’), but instead we evaluated the cost over form and specified finishes that would work for his lifestyle and stay within his budget, while still giving him the high-end look he desired. (That’s the good interior designer’s hat trick.)


Another client, William called me out to the job site over the weekend and told me how impressed he was with the finished design. He had been out of town for a couple of months and although he had a hand in approving the final design concept, he hadn’t seen the finished installation until that day. He told me, “I know I complained about your fee, but it was so worth it. We could have never pulled this off without you. “

William and his family would have purchased items that did not work and end up unhappy living in an environment they didn’t like, or ended up spending more money trying to get the aesthetic he desired. We we’re able to curate a design he wanted all in one shot and install it before he returned home, ultimately giving him the home he wanted. Interior designers looking out for him cinched the deal.


I recently returned to a project we completed in 2016. I really enjoyed seeing Bruce again, and was happy that the house looked almost just like we left it. He wanted to know all about my current projects. I regaled him with all the details and whipped out the iPhone to show him some pictures and said, “Oh, you probably already saw these on my blogs. Are you still reading my blogs?”

“No,” he said, “I can’t because reading them makes me want to start remodeling the rest of the house and it isn’t in the budget until next year.”

It makes me happy to hear this because I was certain, after we finished his remodel that he hated me. I’ll have to admit, remodeling half of his house was difficult when the homeowner’s living in the house during the remodel. I have a blog that was inspired by that experience (read it here). But the fact that he’s talking about the next remodel with me, tells me he values my interior designers’ expertise (and doesn’t hate me one bit).

Why We’re A Match

As a recovering Accountant, I understand the difference between shopping on price and shopping on value. Do you?

You can buy the cheapest thing out there, but if it doesn’t last, you’ve wasted your money. Whereas if you shop on value, you may pay more, but it will last, you’ll get exactly what you want, and you get to see it, touch it, and live with it every day.

Working with the interior designers at KTJ Design Co may seem like it is a lot of money to pay for design. But believe me – once I’ve wheeled my sharp pencil to your budget spreadsheet, you will be glad to have us on your Design Team. We not only get you the best price point, but have resources at our fingertips that are only available to the trade. This means you get unprecedented value and unparalleled style.

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