3 Beautiful Wallpaper Designs for Your Space


3 Beautiful Wallpaper Designs for Your Space

We’re adding wallpaper displays to our new design shop. When I meet with our wallpaper installer, Jan, she stated the correct vernacular is “wallcovering” (pinky finger in the air). Good to know…and a good indicator that wallpaper (oops, wallcovering) is coming back in style.

image // Seabrook Wallpaper

Why You Should Use Wallpaper

While all your neighbors are drowning in various shades of gray on their walls, wallpaper in a fun color or an unexpected motif defines your unique style like no other element. 

Adding wallpaper to a room is a simple addition that will instantly engage everyone. Whether they comment that it was a bold move or ponder at how great it looks, wallpaper customizes your living spaces.  You can wallpaper an entire room or create a spectacular accent wall.


Image // Seabrook Wallpaper

Image // Seabrook Wallpaper

Top Wallpaper Brands to Consider

When I told the guys who were texturing the new walls in the shop which walls they needed to prepare for wallpaper, they were skeptical  when I pointed to the ceiling and said the room would look silly. Now that the wallpaper has been installed, everyone marvels at how cool the ceiling looks in our Presentation Room.


Here are the three patterns we installed in the Shoppe. They are from Wallquest Paper and Ink Collection,  Seabrook Wallpaper Lux Décor Collection and Seabrook Wallpaper New Hampton Collection

You’ll see them on the walls when you come to our Open House on March 27th 2019 (if you can’t make it, stayed tuned on Instagram for the stories of the ribbon cutting).

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