Stockton Interior Designer Transforms Industrial Space into Design Mecca

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Stockton Interior Designer Transforms Industrial Space into Design Mecca

 When I was a little girl, I never wanted to have birthday parties because I was afraid no one would come. Turns out, I had that same fear about our grand opening. However, we had a whopping 116 people show up for our ribbon cutting and grand opening.

 “I just want to live here!”

 This was my favorite comment received that evening. This tells me I got it right.

 After many successful years at our Harding Way studio, I decided I wanted more than a Design Studio, I wanted an actual furniture boutique store. I wanted to be that “shoppe girl.”

 We’ve moved to the downtown Stockton, CA, area and transformed an industrial building into a creative design space with staged vignettes, sample resource room, and conference area. I’ve candidly named the mid-town corridor as the Fremont Design District because of the variety of companies located along this thoroughfare.

 In our neighborhood, you can find cabinet shops, window and glass companies, upholstery shops, a canvas canopy shop, a pool designer/contractor, a design and print shop, a concrete floor polishing contractor, construction companies and a billiards supplier, to name a few. We fit right in!

 Photos from Our Grand Opening

 Here are a few of all the great photos that Kevin of Caroline’s Photography took for us.


My girls (left to right) Holly, Geneva, Me, and Sandra. I say the “girls” because many of our clients will say things like – I need my “girls,” or ask when the “girls” are coming. We really are a great team. Holly and Sandra have been with me so long that we finish each other sentences and literally read each other minds. Geneva started with us on March 1st and has proved to be an invaluable addition.


Here is the front of “The Shoppe.” I think we’ve got it fixed up quite nicely! (Go to Google maps and see the ugly before picture (I haven’t figured out how to get that updated yet.)


 As viewed from the loft looking down. As you can see, we have arranged all sorts of rooms curated just for our customers. You could literally buy the whole room from the rug to the artwork and drop it right into your home (we’d help you, of course).


Bruce and Diane are one of our favorite clients. We remodeled their kitchen several years ago, and they now tell me they are ready to makeover a few other rooms.


This is one of my design besties – Deanna Mackensen. She is truly one of my biggest champions. Whenever I am feeling defeated and ready to quit, I just send Deanna a text. Before you know it, she’s got me feeling like queen of the world.


The official ribbon cutting. It was so fun. Thank you Stockton Chamber of Commerce for all your support!


Holly is greeting all the folks as they enter. Many of our vendors who worked on the Shoppe attended. This is Nick from Overhead Door.


Yes – we are open on Saturdays for your shopping convenience.


We had a caricature artist – Karen Fulk – doing these drawings. This was another fun element that added to the night. Laverne Gardner of World Financial Group was so happy with her drawing.


Arlyn Anderson provided lovely live music for us.


Love all the support I get from these designing gals: Laura Neuman, Deanna Mackenson, Jennfier Falgade, and Genise Hood-Plessas. All of us often travel together to trade shows and other interior design events. Whenever I have a question that I can’t figure out, I call one of them and poof  – they’ve got the solution.


More of my team – Victor Miranda and Jose Mejia. These guys make all our design dreams come true (sometimes with exaggerate eye rolling – but they always get it done).


Another favorite client, Linda, brought some friends – love it!


This is a great bird’s eye view from the loft, where we put our offices and a resource room filled with samples.

This is one of our slightly more masculine vignettes, done in black and neutrals. I love the doggy artwork most of all!

I literally cried when Carol from Anneleisa’s Table brought the floral arrangements. They are so gorgeous!

 Thank you to all the vendors and contractors who have helped us to this point:

Custom Fireside, Cosentino Sacramento, Prosource Sacramento, Bellmont Cabinets, Marble Palace, Seco Plumbing, Dixon Electric, Jenco Companies, LeGrand, Emser Tile Sacramento, Delta/Brizo, Ferguson Showroom, Sass Public Relations,  Country Catering Stockton, Anneleisa’s Table

 We’ve got lots of events planned throughout the year and you can read about them on our Events tab (I’ll be introducing a signature cocktail soon, so you don’t want to miss out on that).

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