7 Qualities Your Best Interior Design Style Should Have


7 Qualities Your Best Interior Design Style Should Have

We’ve all heard the words “modern” and “traditional” to describe interior design style, but when it comes to people’s homes, their ideal aesthetic is more likely to be a carefully curated mix of what they love!

I bet you’ve scrolled endlessly through Instagram in search of the perfect look for your home, but you’re best design style is still elusive.

There is something to be said about finding the best interior design style to suit your home, lifestyle, and tastes. But you don’t need to define your style in the strict sense of giving it an industry typical name, but rather make it about what makes you feel good and smile each every time you walk through your front door.  

Many folks hire us because they like our “KTJ Style.”


What Does KTJ Interior Design STYLE Represent?

The fundamental of KTJ Style is creating a perfectly balanced room. It’s always classic, but completely in the moment, with a timeless feel. Because of our light-handed approach on decorating we always keep the lines simples with lots of texture, but with glimpses of drama (A.K.A – conversation starters).


Why You’ll Love KTJ Interior Design STYLE

The KTJ Style is great for those looking for a classic fail proof interior design style that will stand the test of time and always appear current. If you want to stay away from fussy prints, incorporate a subtle mix of eras, and have a relaxed harmonious blend of elements, then keep reading to get an interior design style that is a generous focus on luxurious simplicity.


How Do You Create a KTJ Interior Design STYLE?

To get you started in the right direction, here’s a rundown of what makes our rooms standout and how you can master the look with ease:

  1. Keep flooring simple with no more than 2 different types of flooring throughout the whole house. It best to stick with a classic wood flooring (or wood look – like LVP for durability) and use area rugs in each room that have a simple pattern and low pile.

  2. Get plenty of lighting in various levels so you can change the mood of room with the click of a switch. Showcase many chandeliers, wall sconces, table and floor lamps, and hanging pendants.

  3. Make sure you have a mix of metals, stone, and woods.

  4. Keep the wall and trim paint color neutral and harmonious to ground the room. Too much of a contrast between the walls and trim is confusing to the brain. However, you can add a shock of color as a focal point when a room lacks architectural amenities.

  5. Add riotous color with expressive artwork and objects that express your personality and add depth.

  6. Go for upholstery in textured neutral textiles with tonal patterns and concise color combinations. Bring in playfulness with colorful throws and pillows.

  7. Steer clear of shutters. Instead “dress” your windows with lined drapery, Roman shades, woven wood shades or roller shades.


Get The Look

Keep in mind that what makes KTJ STYLE memorable is a strict commitment to simplicity, attention to scale, geometric shapes, and a carefully thought-out color palette.

And since your home is the best place to highlight your tastes, be sure to add character with well-edited decorative extras and art that’ll set your home apart.



Here is a completed living room layout, complete with a shopping list so you can get the look on your own. Click on the image to download a PDF with the list and clickable links to Get The Look.

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