House Tour | Modern, Elegant Pool House in Central California


House Tour | Modern, Elegant Pool House in Central California

As you may recall we participated in a Show House in October of 2019. And I can’t believe it’s been a year since we had the final reveal and tours.

Aspire Design and Home Magazine has published “From Concept to Completion: Inside the Christopher Kennedy Show House.” You can get a mini tour of each room and the designers who created them.

I remember it was a whirlwind mad dash to the finish line to get everything done. Construction was happening right up to the last second. The electricians were installing our light fixtures at 3:00 PM – and the show started at 4:30 PM! My team and I had everything poised to put into place the moment the chandelier finally went up. It was nerve racking for everyone, including our fellow designers. Nearly everyone was frantically placing furniture, hanging artwork and addressing last minute details.

The feeling of camaraderie was fantastic among the designers, construction crew, and other helpers (there were probably 100 bodies running around). Everyone was borrowing a screwdriver, or glue gun, or other whatnots from each other to get things done.  We laughed because the staff at the nearby Home Depot got very familiar with all of us.

The tours started even though some things weren’t finished (for instance, the plumbing fixtures were in place, but didn’t actually work). It didn’t matter, though. Every single room was beyond beautiful.  The amazing thing was every room coordinated with the other rooms, even though none of the designers had collaborated with one another about what their design concepts were.  I think this happened because we all had gotten to know the homeowner and the property and knew what it needed.

Modern, Elegant Pool House in Central California-1.png

Our room was the pool house. We were tasked with creating a retreat for the mistress of the house, a guest room with a kitchenette, and a full bathroom with easy access to the pool. We wanted this space to feel spa-like and glamorous but with all the levity of a pool house. Our design started with this rug, as it evokes a sense of water droplets and sunshine.

Modern, Elegant Pool House in Central California-2.png

We added a soft blue velvet sofa and undulating wallpaper that feels like waves on a sandy beach.

Modern, Elegant Pool House in Central California-3.png

Along the back wall, we added high-gloss, white laminate cabinetry with matching book cases and closets. The center cabinet holds a wall bed for guests. The ceiling is a medium blue color that shows off the gold chandelier with its wreath of light.

Modern, Elegant Pool House in Central California-4.png

Opposite the back wall is the kitchenette, complete with stainless steel appliances from Bosch.  I nicknamed them my “Baby Bosch” because the refrigerator, dishwasher, cooktop, and speed oven are all sized down for this miniature kitchen.  The countertop is Golden Onyx quartzite, continuing the “sunshine” theme.

Modern, Elegant Pool House in Central California-5.png

The sweet little bathroom features a quartz shower surround and stone shower pan. The special wall-hung sink is also stone and has a wall-hung spout faucet. The wallpaper leaf and fruit motif is a nod to the orchards in the Central California Valley.

Modern, Elegant Pool House in Central California-6.png


Modern, Elegant Pool House in Central California-7.png

The bi-part doors open to reveal a queen size wall bed which easily pulls down from the wall, transforming the space into a great guest bedroom.


·         Concrete Floor Polishing: Jenco Companies

·         Cabinetry: Bellmont through The Shoppe at KTJ Design Co.

·         Area Rug/ bed linens/decorations: Surya through The Shoppe at KTJ Design Co.

·         Custom sofa and chairs: The Shoppe at KTJ Design Co

·         Mattress: Enso through The Shoppe at KTJ Design Co.

·         Coffee Table: Zuo Modern through The Shoppe at KTJ Design Co.

·         Drink Table and Accessories: Currey and Co.

·         Wall Paint: Dunn-Edwards

o   Dunn Edwards DE5431 Candelabra

o   Dunn Edwards DE5874 Deep Reservoir

o   Dunn Edwards DE6283 Granite

o   Dunn Edwards DET570 Smoky Blue

·         Lighting: Circa Lighting

·         Appliances: Bosch from Direct Appliance

·         Countertops and shower surround: Corian

·         Shower pan and sink:

·         Plumbing Fixtures: Brizo


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