How to Create a Beautiful Statement Wall with Back Splash Tile


How to Create a Beautiful Statement Wall with Back Splash Tile

Selecting the tile for a new kitchen remodel is generally one of the first tasks we tackle, and that tile sets the theme for the whole space. We especially like Tile Bar. They have a great selection for kitchen backsplashes.  And there learning center is great.  The basics of why you need a tile backsplash and the various types of tiles you can select are covered in The Tileist Beginners Guide.

Inspiration image from Tile Bar

Inspiration image from Tile Bar

Don & Amy: A Client Tile Story

We first met Don and Amy when they visited The Shoppe at KTJ Design Co. We found out they loyally follow us on social media and read every blog post. They scheduled a Remodel Clarity Session and we made good use of our two hour in-home consultation, sketching and brain-storming ideas. We found out lots of juicy information about how they live and use their kitchen. We had to get creative to give them the fashionable kitchen they desired while staying within the budget.

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They wanted an encaustic style tile (very European and graphic-based). We were thrilled! I had been eyeing this Santa Barbara Warm Deco tile from TileBar for quite some time, patiently waiting for just the right project.  We specified this tile to run from the counter top all the way up the 10 foot ceiling, creating a dramatic affect.

It is common to stop the tile backsplash around 18” above the countertop. However, taking the tile all the way to the ceiling serves as a décor focal point and defines the style of your kitchen, allowing you to reflect your personality boldly. We highly recommend it.

Since Encaustic tiles have a rich artisanal quality to them, the cabinets needed equally strong character. We choose our Bellmont Whistler Cabinets Rustic Alder with Folkstone Stain.

We finished it off with Hanstone quartz countertops in Strato. Those small flecks of gold in the counter top tie everything together.

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Because the back splash tile is so dominant, we opted to go with a plain subway tile around the sink. The size and color blends perfectly with the space

Glass pendants with a touch of gold, juxtaposed against the stainless steel appliances and plumbing fixtures, rounds out the design.

Client Reactions

Don’t be afraid to test out unique and even outrageous options. Amy said she felt a little nervous about making such a bold statement, but she loves it and trusts me. This couple is now extremely proud of their design decisions and can’t wait to show off their renovated dream kitchen to guests. Expect to see the full tour of the completed project in September.

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  • Brittney A Hartman
    | 26 May 2023

    Hi! Can you tell me what color the cabinets are?

    • Kathleen Jennison
      | 28 May 2023

      The stain color is Folkstone. The cabinets are by Belmont Cabinets and this is one of their custom colors

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