How to Easily Choose the Best Recliner for Your Space


How to Easily Choose the Best Recliner for Your Space

Did your childhood home have a “Dad’s Chair”? You know, that chair with overstuffed curves and bad fabric that was entirely too large for the room. It was the place where your dad likely jerked back the lever with a big clunk and stretched out while watching football. Ah, memories.

Reclining chairs have gotten a bad rap in the past and there was a time that, as a designer, I would do anything to talk a client out of a recliner by suggesting a chaise lounge, a chair-and-a-half, or chair and an ottoman to get that comfy and cozy feeling. …But I have to say, recliners have come a long way. Many of them are now masquerading as lovely and classy looking chairs.

Since many of our clients ask for reclining chairs in their family room design, I make it my mission to explore all options and manufacturers. I often select Comfort Design as the chair we put in our clients designs and now in our own showroom.

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Designer Recliner Criteria

My criteria for a good recliner, first and foremost is that it doesn’t look like it’s a marshmallow or a Shar Pai dog. Secondly, it has to be well-constructed while looking “pretty.”  Luckily, I found a brand, Comfort Design, that met these qualifications. Their chair is expertly made in America of steel frames and high density, high resilience foam core cushions. Plus, their chairs actually look good. Really good!

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Various Types of Recliners


Recliners are available in several options. They all obviously recline, but vary in that they can swivel, rock and glide. Word to the wise: Don’t try to combine all the motions in one chair as you may get motion sickness!


The reclining mechanism can be a push arm release, handle release or an electrical power button (our favorite) discreetly placed on the inside arm. (These types of recliners also come with a USB port, for all you techies out there.) This power button not only reclines the chair but can also adjust the headrest and lumbar positions as well.


Your chair can be made in a wide variety of upholstery fabrics or top-grain leathers. Most people think their recliner has to be leather, but fabric can be just as classy and resilient. It is more important that the recliner matches the flow of your space. Maybe that means leather is the best option…and maybe not.

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The Tale of the Best Recliner

I have to tell you the story of Andre, our latest client. He came into the Shoppe and tried out the three reclining chairs we have on the showroom floor. It was a complete Goldilocks experience:

“This one is too small, this one is too stiff,” and finally, “Ahhhhh, this one is just right.” He had been all over town testing out reclining chairs and I was so excited when he came into our Shoppe and found the perfect one.

I know this is a sofa! But there is a recliner on each end.

I know this is a sofa! But there is a recliner on each end.

There’s a difference between “a chair” and “your chair,” and Anton made this evident. Your chair is a chair you never want to get out of and that always makes you relax. Anton didn’t want to get out of “his chair.” We let him chill out there while his wife and I ordered two of them in black leather. I can’t wait for the three short weeks until we get to put these comfy chairs in their TV room!

Need a beautiful recliner in your home? Come visit our Shoppe!

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