Why You Need This Style of Drapery


Why You Need This Style of Drapery

I like professionally made drapes because custom made drapes hang properly and always fold evenly.  Yet, I don’t want them to look too formal with fancy pleats or other embellishments. 

This is why I have always done custom-made drapery with a European Reverse Pleat or a Two Finger Pinch Pleat. They look less formal, but still look tailored and smart.

Last year my good friend and Drapery Fabricator, Lee, suggested I do a Ripplefold drapery on a design I was working on. I always listen to the experts and take their advice, so I did Ripplefold drapes (of course).

Now, my newest favorite drapery style is Ripplefold drapery.  The popularity of this drapery style with designers is growing. Its soft natural folds create a stylish and contemporary look for any window.


Ripplefold Drapery is a Great Selection

Ripplefold drapery is a great selection for those areas where you plan on opening and closing the drapery daily. For example, a sliding glass door. The draperies move across a track and always look sleek and “dressed.”

What also makes them great for high traffic areas is the low maintenance as they are easy to hang and remove, clean and iron flat.


What is Ripplefold Drapery?

Ripplefold drapery is flat panels that span a ceiling mounted track. It is may be traversing which means it has a cord on the side to open and close. The soft ripples in the fabric form on a stiffened nylon snap-tap on the header. Then the header snaps into to special track carriers with gentle pressure.

This allows for consistent spacing of the folds, so even though it has a “relaxed” feel, it always looks tailored.  No more fussing with those pleats


Several Smart Ways to Use Ripplefold Drapery

One of my favorite applications for this drapery style is on sliding glass doors. It is a better alternative than those ghastly vertical aluminum blinds.

You can also get attractive decorative rods and finials like the square rod we used in the Show House in Turlock. Or you can get a cheaper aluminum track and put a fabric box valance over it.  Make the box valance match the fabric or use a coordinating fabric. This is an easy window treatment that looks professional.

Another application is as a shower curtain. I like shower curtains in a shower tub combination as opposed to glass shower doors. Shower curtains are easier to maintain (remove, wash, rehang) and make it easier to get in and out of a tub shower.  The only problem with shower curtains is store bought varieties usually only come in 72″ lengths. Also the rods and rings are not always functional.

But with a Ripplefold track, you can mount it on the ceiling which means no more worrying about a suspension rod staying up.  Coupled with a 90-94″ custom-made shower curtain, you’ve got a stylish and elegant look in your bathroom.

My new love for this drapery style has definitely had a “ripple effect” on me. How about you? Remember incorporating drapery adds depth and dimension to any room, improving the visual appeal of the space. You can read more about the benefits of drapery in this blog post.


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