The Hard Truth About Your Kitchen Remodel

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The Hard Truth About Your Kitchen Remodel

There is a reason you haven’t started your kitchen remodel.


There is a lot at stake.

Your life will be disrupted in ways you can’t even imagine.

You are not sure how much it will really cost.

You are worried that you won’t be able to explain your big dream.

You don’t really understand the process and afraid to trust someone you don’t even know.

I get it. I plan kitchen remodels with homeowners all the time and I know this whole idea makes you feel out of control and vulnerable in ways that make you extremely uncomfortable.

That is why you have put it off for so long, but now you can no longer ignore all the problems curdling in your kitchen (like trying to cook on the last burner that functions).

In the past, my answer has been – no worries – hire a professional like me and everything will go smoothly.

Together we will:

  • spend months going back and forth laying out your design in a floor plan. I will give you 3D renderings, so even if looking at a floor plan makes no sense to you, you will still be able to conceptualize the new design. We will massage and change this floor plan until every last detail is exactly like you want it.
  • meticulously select each and every finish and fixture until it is exactly like you have been dreaming about for years. You will have samples of each product or have visited showrooms to see the fixtures and appliances. In fact, it will be better than your dreams because I will use all my expertise and experience to point out things you never even thought of.
  • get competitive bids from tradesmen who I have worked with for years and you will get a comprehensive budget of how much it will cost. You may feel some sticker shock, but you’ll know that it is a fair price and it will be worth it because you will finally be getting your dream kitchen remodel.
  • set a timeline so you know how long you will be without a kitchen and every step has been explained to you so you know what to expect. It will be a dusty mess with troops of strangers in your house, but it is ok because you know the date you will be able to walk into your beautiful kitchen (heck you have already planned the open house party).

Guess what? I’m going to tell you what other designers won’t.


No Matter How Hard I Try To Fine Tune The Process, Your Kitchen Remodel Won’t Go Smoothly


Is it me? Do I just not take care of business? Is it you? Are you just Crazy Town person and impossible to please? Is it the sub-contractors? Are they all just losers?

This is my biggest struggle and what keeps me awake at night. No matter how hard I try to make sure everything goes “on time and on budget” it NEVER works out that way.

  • I try my darndest to anticipate your expectations and meet them.
  • I try my darndest to keep all the moving parts on schedule.
  • I try my darndest to make sure all information is shared with you.
  • I try my darndest to make sure you understand every trade.
  • I try my darndest to communicate with you what will happen next.

And There Is ALWAYS A Kink in The Chain in Any Kitchen Remodel

No matter how hard I try, there is always a problem with every kitchen remodel and at certain points you will feel mad, frustrated and disappointed.

If any builder, contractor or designer guarantees that everything will be perfect, they are lying to you.

This sounds scary and terribly negative, but as an honest designer who knows her stuff, I can tell you it is inherent in the nature of the industry. It is the nature of the process. There are so many variables and unknowns that no amount of planning can address. At the end of the day, no one can guarantee that everything will be perfect or happen exactly like you expect.

But I can promise

  • I will use my best listening skills to make sure your desires and fears are addressed.
  • I will use good communication skills to make sure you know what will happen each and every day.
  • I will have a positive and non-adversarial attitude.
  • I will demonstrate understanding and patience.
  • I will be honest and act with integrity.
  • I will take personal responsibility when things go wrong.
  • I will give you a fair price.

Here Is The Absolute Truth About Your Kitchen Remodel

You will be on an emotional roller coaster during your kitchen remodel. At first you will be so excited with the design because it is unique to you and is gorgeous. Then months will go by and you will be wondering what the heck I am doing while I collect bids and get the building permit (i.e. why is it taking so long). Please know – you can always email me and ask so I assure you we didn’t take your deposit and disappear to the Mexican Riviera!

After waiting for months (thank you, governmental red tape!), we will finally sign the construction contract and you will be excited again. Demolition starts and you are drooling thinking about your new shiny range.

Then it will become so monotonous and the drudgery of the mess and weird dudes at the door at 7AM will make you just want it to all stop. In fact, you will call me one Saturday morning and tell me you have had it and all work is to stop immediately. I will gently talk you off the ledge, work will continue, but when my phone number pops up on your phone, your heart will sink and you will wonder “oh, what bad news does she have now?”

But have faith – then all the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and drywall is done and the cabinets go in. Yippee, you think, things are getting put back together, and the roller coaster begins its sharp ascension to the top with tile installation, fixture installation, painting, and lastly door knobs.

Oh happy days – it is finished. It is wonderful. Your open house party (that had to get postponed several times) is a huge success with all your friends and family amazed at the transformation.

Yes, despite all the fear, the uncertainty, and the inconvenience, you’ll finally see it.

You Have The Kitchen Of Your Dreams. 

If you’re looking for an experienced, honest designer who can take you through the whole process – from kitchen hell through the twists and turns of the remodeling process to the apex of kitchen glory, you’re in the right place. Go here to see what Your Kitchen: A Love Story can do for you.
Have you already weathered a kitchen remodel? Was your experience one crazy ride? Tell me in the comments what was the hardest thing about remodeling your kitchen.


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