My Honest Thoughts on Work-Life Balance, Motherhood, and Travel



My Honest Thoughts on Work-Life Balance, Motherhood, and Travel

In honor of my birthday this month, my friend asked me if I’d done everything in my life that I’ve wanted to.

She really wanted to know if a busy designer like me still kept a wish list.

This question made me start reflecting on my life to date… Am I happy with how I’ve handled my career? Do I have any regrets at this point that I need to avoid repeating in the future?

What I don’t regret doing…

I don’t regret my work-life balance. I was able to spend quality time with my husband and kids, and we created many wonderful memories as a result.

Every Saturday, Bob (my husband) and I would hurry to get all the chores done. I would clean the house and do the laundry, and he would do the yardwork and wash the cars, then we would pack up the car and go somewhere fun—the beach, the fishing hole, or a local festival.

Another thing I don’t regret is how much I’ve travelled. I’ve had many fabulous vacations and work trips over the years that have taken me to almost every US state, England and France.

Yes, I have a few regrets…

I wished I had gotten a master’s degree in interior design. (I currently have a bachelor’s degree in business and in interior design.) I never planned to become an interior designer in the first place, so my education path and my career path weren’t entirely parallel.

If only I had known what would happen halfway through my career! (More about that here…)

To avoid any future regrets…

First, although I’m satisfied with my travel log, I would love to travel more. I’ve spent many vacations in Hawaii with my family, which were marvelous, but I want to do more global travel—especially in Spain and Italy.

Second, I’ve only taken one dance class in my entire life, and I need to remedy that. I’ve always loved dance, and it’s time that I start making my non-design passions a priority too.

While I’m not about to enroll in a master’s program for that design degree, I am going to conquer the other two items on my wish list. Europe and dance class, here I come!

What is on your wish list? If you’re dreaming of a home that truly fits your lifestyle, schedule a consultation with me today, and we’ll figure out how to make your wishes come true.



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