The Best, Most Attractive and Durable Kid-Proof Flooring


The Best, Most Attractive and Durable Kid-Proof Flooring

“I have an outdoor pool and several young children (who never dry off before entering the house). I want to replace the flooring in my home, but I don’t know what flooring type would be best since my children often leave slippery puddles of water all over the house. What should I do?”

I have the perfect solution for you: Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP).

I know, you just cringed when I said vinyl, but you need to clear you mind of that negative sheet vinyl from days of yore (i.e. visits to Grandma’s house in the 80’s). I was introduced to LVP flooring about three years ago at a Continuing Education Course I attended and fell in love with it.

LVP is an attractive, affordable, waterproof, wood-like flooring option that has great warmth and texture underfoot. It doesn’t have the maintenance requirements of wood laminate, and it’s not hard and cold like ceramic tiles (no grout, either).

So, what exactly are luxury vinyl planks?

LVP is luxury vinyl flooring that resembles wood planks and is nearly impervious to kids and pets. The planks are generally 3-5 inches wide and up to 36 inches in length. They are installed like wood planks. You can get glue-down or tongue-and-groove (my favorite) and installation is a snap (literally).

The planks have three layers: A cork bottom, a bamboo and limestone composite center, and a virgin vinyl top. This composition of materials makes LVP sturdy, soft, and durable. This also means it doesn’t sound hollow like wood laminate and you don’t have to worry about stiletto heels leaving a mark in your flooring either (always a plus!).

I’ve installed this flooring in everything from million dollar renovations to commercial office spaces, and people always think LVP is real wood. In fact, one janitor didn’t believe me when I told him he could mop the LVP just like tile. I had to throw a bucket of water on the floor to prove my point!

Which LVP brand is best?

My favorite brand is USFloors Coretec-Plus, and I highly recommend it.
I hope this solution helps you enjoy your summer and your pool parties just a little bit more. Stop worrying that water will ruin your floors and switch to LVP.
If you need more help selecting the perfect flooring for your family and lifestyle, please schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation with me (click here to get your appointment today).


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