What’s Now? Interior Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

What’s Now? Interior Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

Several weeks ago, I posted a blog about 2017 Interior Trends. I culled this data from 5 of the top designers in my tribe. Last week, I posted a blog about the best furniture finds I discovered when I went to Market.

Also, last weekend I presented two seminars at the Home and Home and Landscape Show at Cal-Expo and one of them was on this topic (the other seminar was about white walls and you can read that blog here). Many folks came up after the seminar telling me all this information was the best they heard all weekend.


Armed with all this empirical data (very scientific, you know) I’ve got the absolute epic interior trends you truly don’t want to miss. But first, let’s prime this discussion on what is driving these interior trends.

The Influencers

First and foremost, we have to ask ourselves “what is driving these interior trends?” Many things drive interior trends for sure – fashion, manufacturers, media, etc., but here is what I’ve been reading and hearing.

  • There is a great generational shift as millennials are coming of age and beginning to start families and purchase homes.
  • Millennials are breaking away from the neutral monochromatic past to more daring and experimental colors.
  • Definitely a more color confident group, millennials are wary of the sameness and one note of the past.
  • Desirous of sophistication and luxury, millennials are redefining interior design

This is extremely interesting to me, both as a designer and from a marketing aspect, because millennials are my focus group and frankly, I too am tired of beige and gray. I like to infuse lots of bright color and patterns and getting my clients to stop fearing color and pattern has become my design life mission.

OK – jumping off the soap box now. Here, based on my scientific statistical data, are the interior trends you shouldn’t miss.

Best of Blue Worlds

Deep sea blues, lustrous greens, and grounded purples are the colors of the year, according to many color watch groups.

This image is from Sherwin Williams Color Mix “Noir.” Moody saturated teal and strong blues bring us back to center as we peel ourselves away from the glare of the computer and other high-tech gear. As we retreat to our home at night, we want to give our eyes a break, so to speak.









This image is from Sherwin Williams and I am not sure about painting your whole room this saturated color, but one wall and some blue and green accessories such as art, rugs and pillows are right up my design alley

Here is the set of Noir paint colors. Very moody indeed.



Pinterest Image – Source Unknown





Each room has one or more of these attributes and I’ll go more into detail about them below.

  • Saturated paint palette
  • Soft and mysterious velvets
  • Tufted upholstered pieces
  • “Cashew” hue leather
  • Matte black metals
  • Statement chandelier
  • Gold and stainless steel accent elements

Watch Your Metal

We’re seeing more metals, but especially a mix of metals in varying finishes. Gold is a big factor, but in new hues like rose gold or champagne gold. Look for matte finishes as opposed to the shiny brass of the past.

Again, this is a modern take on sophistication and urban luxury millennials are craving. Mix a deep slate blue with some stainless steel and matte gold fixtures in your kitchen and you’ve gone above and beyond the crowd.

I adore the designs from Glen and Jamie. Click on the image to go to their website. I follow them (ok stalk them) on Instagram and thoroughly enjoy their design aesthetic. You should follow them too for fabulous design inspiration



Your Green is as Good As Mine

When Pantone announced Greenery as its color of the year I immediately saw loads of posts on Instagram of Kelly green rooms. This kitchen vignette was featured at KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) and just about every designer in attendance must have posted it on their Instagram because I saw it about a billion times.



You may love green, but please don’t install kitchen cabinets like this. If you like green this much INSTEAD DO THIS


This kitchen design by Teddy Ewards uses green in a subtle and muted way that is define.

I think the “greenery” interior trends should not be taken literally. It is our desire to rejuvenate in our home after long hectic days. This trend also symbolizes our desire to reconnect with nature.

The best way to bring nature indoors is with plants. I suggest a gorgeous Fiddle Leaf plant like this one. And no fake greenery – it has to be the real deal.


I had a client a few years ago who introduced me to air plants. This collection in glass globes (another trend I saw at market), will fit the bill if you are green thumb challenged like I am.


Another unique way to bring in nature is with warm wood elements. We have seen so much gray, gray, gray in the past few years and our desire to balance out the monotony is with wood. I talked about this Live Edge table in last week’s blog and I like it a lot!


Lounge Lizard

Straight from the Trade Show, we are seeing the Lounge Chair.


Seriously, every furniture showroom we walked into had this chair. I adore it with sexy arms in warm wood or metal and a great fabric or leather. It looks not as comfy as our big ole Barcaloungers of the past, but Sandra and I sat in just about all of them and it is quite comfy. In fact, we will have a few of these in the Design Workshop shortly. {images}

Go For Glow

My design ethos has always been a big and bold chandelier in every home. All of these chandeliers are from Arteriors  and they epitomize the perfect trending chandelier.

  • Metals and complex finishes
  • Lots of glass globes
  • Interesting organic shapes that mimic nature.

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Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back

If you are a baby boomer, you probably remember seeing camel-colored everything. Millennials, in response to the never ending grayness of interiors, have embraced this warm color. Use it in upholstery, artwork, rugs and other accessories. Coupled with gray, camel is a nice balance.

whats-now-interior-trends-you-shouldn whats-now-interior-trends-you-shouldn whats-now-interior-trends-you-shouldn

Get Smart

Generation Z is the first digitally native group and this is mind boggling to me. I know there are toddlers who can use an iPhone better than I can, but it didn’t dawn on me – a whole generation who has only known a digital world.

Naturally home automation is a rising trend which allows you to adjust lighting, music and temperature in easy to use (if you’re a Gen Z’er) and affordable devices.

Nest has a connected thermostat that “recognizes” your habits and automatically adjusts the thermostat. Reducing energy bills, it is a real hit.


Legrand sets scenes in your home, lighting pathways and allowing you to remotely control the lights. We installed them in a home remodel last year and it really makes the home feel elegant and experience driven.


Amazon Echo is a voice controlled device and a rising star.


How These Must-Have Interior Trends Fit In Your World?

I must say a saturated paint palette, some soft and mysterious velvet on the sofa or chairs, a few tufted pieces, some soft camel colored leather, matted black metals, a statement chandelier (read my last trend post to learn how I feel about chandeliers) accentuated with gold and stainless steel elements and you’ve got a trend worthy room all wrapped up.

Sit back, relax, and tell Alexa to put on your favorite tunes. Life can’t get any better.

I was talking to one of my previous clients recently and he wanted to know all about my current projects. I regaled him with all my shenanigans, whipping out the iPhone pictures. As I began to tell him about a recent bath remodel. I said, “Oh, you probably already saw this on my blog.”

He said he can’t read my blogs anymore because he gets a real case of FOMO and wants to re-do more rooms and it’s not in the budget right now.

If you’ve got a FOMO feeling coming on, be sure to call and schedule a Remodel Clarity Session so you don’t miss out when it comes to designing your home!


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