5 Interior Design Trends that are Actually Timeless


5 Interior Design Trends that are Actually Timeless

If I could put these five things in every house, I would. These are chic and timeless. They look great everywhere and update your house in an instant.

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Subway Tiles

Tile backsplashes never fail to inject personality into a kitchen design scheme. Using subway tile will always keep it classic. This classic tile style in white with a glossy glazed finish and very thin black grout line will never fail you.

 Weary of subway tile? Mix it up with an unexpected Herringbone pattern; a fun color or finish (like glass); or continue the tile all the way to the ceiling to make rooms feel larger.


 Luxury Vinyl Planks

 Luxury Vinyl Plank (or LVP for short) flooring opens a new era for performance and sustainability. A longtime favorite in commercial applications, LVP is now the smart choice for homeowners because of its versatility, resilient comfort, ease of maintenance, durability, and use in wet areas. 

 Not only is LVP beautiful, it is so much more comfortable than ceramic tile. It’s never cold or noisy. We especially like it for its ease of application with no smelly adhesives. It is also cost-effective for the budget-minded homeowner.


 Woven Wood Roman Shades

 Woven wood shades add elements of texture and interest to any room. They allow soft dappled light to filter through, but with moderate opacity that allows you to see out while keeping your privacy. Our woven wood shades come in a variety of colors and fold types, from highly textured to light and airy.  I especially love placing these in a kitchen, where most surfaces are sleek and smooth.


Velvet Sofa

 Velvet has been the most popular upholstery fabric for sofas and chairs for centuries. It was made from the fur of Angora goats (called Mohair) which is very durable while remaining soft and repelling dirt and stains. It has a luxurious glow because of the direction (nap) of the fibers. Mohair is at the top of the line when it comes to velvet and most of us can’t afford it, but polyester velvet is just as durable, easy to clean and won’t fade or crush.

It’s a common misconception that velvet is high-maintenance. Velvet isn’t delicate at all because of the cut loop weaving (good if you have cats because it won’t snag)  and can last for decades when properly cared for – i.e. vacuum often and wipe up spills immediately.

Velvet will patina over time, just like fine leather. It gets better with age, and that is the beauty of it. Remember, velvet is gloriously tactile, adds a hint of glamour and comes in wonderful colors.

The Fifth Item

What is no. 5, you may be wondering? I left it blank on purpose because I want you to tell me – “what is your favorite trend” that you know you’ll love forever?

Give Your Home a Makeover

Are you excited to add one or all of these ideas to your home? We know you’ll love the results. Best of all these “trends” have proven to be here for the long haul, moving them right into the classic category. You can rest assured that these five design choices will look current and fresh for years to come.

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