The Top Design Trends for 2021: What You Need to Know

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Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a seismic shift in our lifestyles.

It’s been a year since the stay-at-home order was announced and I remember that day clearly. Sandra and I paused to figure out how we would work from home, gathered the client files, packed up our computers, and loaded our cars.

We had plenty of work to keep us busy and we let our clients know we were still working on their projects and would be in communication with them.

I think I was numb really. How could this be happening? And what did it all mean?

Sadly, many people have died, and many businesses closed for good.

But the one silver lining I see is that everyone had to “pause” on life.


ALWAYS GOING somewhere.

NEVER STOPPING to appreciate the important things.

The pandemic dictated we stop, and it forced us to look at what was important.

And that was and is family and shelter.

When faced with shelter-in-place orders, our home took on many new roles including cafe, office, school, and gym. You wanted (and often needed) to make the home as comfortable and convenient as possible.

My business never slowed down. As people went into nesting mode and wanted to enhance their homes, they called on me wanting their homes to communicate who they are.

So in that spirit, here is what I’ve noticed as all of you have rediscovered your homes and redefined what you are looking for in home renovations, furniture, and decor.

1. Vibrant New Color Combos Design Trend


Over the past year, we’ve talked with dozens of new clients every month, and rarely does a conversation go by when you don’t ask for navy blue. We often pair navy blue with light neutrals for a fashionable, luxe look.

A close second to navy blue is the request for bright and fresh colors, and sumptuous fabrics with rich textures mixed with natural materials (like wood).

This is pure design delight for me as you are feeling brave and going outside your beige comfort zone. Not only is navy blue a great color, but I’m noticing a trend in clients combining fun, unexpected colors like fuchsia and green or orange and turquoise. It’s okay to let loose with this design trend because there is no time like the present, and your home should bring you joy!

2. Sustainability Throughout the Home


Sustainable design is gaining momentum as you ask about how things are made and how long they will last. Remember, every time you purchase cheap furniture that will only last a few short years, it will someday (soon) end up in a landfill. And this is a design trend we should adopt in all aspects of our lives.

I’m noticing more and more of my clients realize that getting quality over quantity is important for our increasing environmental consciousness. It makes sense since we now are in our homes 24/7…maybe because you became quite intimate with your couch last year, and know how bad a cheap one can be!

Recently the most remarkable designs I’ve created embrace livable luxury by combining timeless style with easy-to-clean materials that offer lustrous finishes that will withstand kids and pets.

Embrace what lasts, what’s well made, and what makes you smile. Think less mass-produced furniture and support local rather than commerce giants.

3. Warm & Cozy Aesthetics


Warm and cozy aesthetics are taking center stage in 2021 as we all look for a sense of immersive calm with materials ranging from raw and natural to a modern high polish.

Warm and cozy looks like plush, sink-into furniture, natural woods, warm colors, and overflowing shelves filled with all the books you finally had time to read and all the arts and crafts you and the kids created.

I’m suggesting design trends that create a balance between classic and fresh and you’re giving it all the thumbs up like never before.

4. Bolder is Better


Our clients are really investing more attention, time, and money in bold, textured wallpaper and statement artwork.

Wallpaper no longer elicits a cringe when I suggest it! As we spend more time at home, we need things that will hold our attention. Wallpaper in bold colors, vibrant patterns, or wonderful textures is springing up all over the Central Valley and giving rooms elegance and charm.

In the past when I’ve suggested big grand artwork, my clients shied away from it, but now more and more of you are asking for bright, strong statement pieces.

Be bold and decorate with confidence.

5. Layered, Versatile Windows


Many of you have realized how important natural lighting in your home is for your sanity. And how much shutters block natural light and make your windows feel smaller (you know I hate them).

You’re asking for alternatives to shutters such as light filtering roller shades, pretty and decorative roman shades, and fashionable and versatile drapery.

Current trends in layered window treatments allow for versatility based on the time of day as well as enhance aesthetics for your home.

It used to be that we spent only a fraction of our time at home. But now shelter has become our collective focus and I think your home should be a conversation piece. Give it character, contrast, texture, and unexpected color palettes.

Your new style – big on personality and short on shyness!

Have any questions about design trends through the years? We’ve got you covered! Leave us a comment below and we’d love to share our expertise.

Until next time,

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