3 Home Renovation Projects That Have the Biggest Impact


3 Home Renovation Projects That Have the Biggest Impact

I get so many calls from people who bought a new (old) home and it needs help!

As in A. LOT. OF. HELP.

The homes are generally built around 1970 and were the cream of the crop back in the day. But now it’s just seems so sad and outdated. It is literally screaming – make me pretty again. 

You bought the home because innately you know it has great potential in a fabulous neighborhood (cuz you’re smart that way), but you don’t know where to start. You have tons of ideas and they are spinning in your head like a tilt-a-whirl.

Today we’re going to talk about how you can get the home you want. The main things we’re going to focus on are the three home renovation projects you can start on right now to get the biggest impact (and use your money the wisest to make the renovations a true investment).  


Number One Home Renovation – Expand the Kitchen 

Chances are high that, when your home was originally built, it wasn’t exactly what you had in mind for traffic flow, storage, work / dining space or general square footage.

Now is the time to add more space for counter / bar height seating, a second island, a bank of 48″ cabinets, a pantry, and even some open shelving to display your attractive cookware. Don’t feel limited by your current layout. Your designer can collaborate with you to completely revamp and expand the heart of your home. 


You Should Always Want this in Your Home Renovation – A Spa Retreat

Amenities like an air jetted free standing tubs, lighted mirrors/medicine cabinets, steam showers, and washlet toilets are all elements that can make your master bathroom feel luxurious, even if it is not quite as large as you would like.

If you are planning an addition, consider barrier-free his and her showers, and his and her vanities.

Also, be sure to build in extra convenient storage such as tall linen closets, grooming drawers to plug in and store blow dryers and curling irons, and pull-out laundry bins.

These extra touches will make your life convenient, and will be a good selling feature in the future.


A Smart Choice for Your Home Renovation – Designate an ADA Bathroom

Adding another bathroom to your home is almost never a bad idea, especially if it is on the main level of your home and ADA-compliant. You might think you would never need this type of bathroom, but you never know when you might get injured (and need it) or when a loved one might have to move in with you for assistance.

The determining factors of an ADA bathroom include a curb-less shower, wheel chair height counter tops, a taller toilet, and grab bar installation.

This bathroom addition for your home renovation is perfect whether you plan to age in place or want to make your home easier to sell.



Ceiling height back splashes

Whether you are redoing or adding on to your kitchen or bathroom, you can’t go wrong with a back splash that reaches the ceiling, as it will increase your perceived wall height while also making a statement.



Swap and replace

Swap out your tile counter tops for quartz or granite and replace any 36” upper cabinets with 48” cabinets and top with crown molding. This will make your kitchen or bathroom look more spacious and luxurious

Want to talk about your new-old home? Book a Discovery Call and we can talk about the best strategy to move you forward.

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  • CMR
    | 24 May 2023

    It’s really nice to have an awesome home design that home owners can enjoy and enhance its value.

    • Kathleen Jennison
      | 28 May 2023

      Thanks for the comment! It’s great to hear that you appreciate the importance of having an awesome home design. Having a well-designed space not only adds value to your property, but also increases the overall comfort and enjoyment of living in it. Keep up the good work and continue to enjoy your beautiful home! 🙂

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