3 Reasons an Interior Designer is Essential During a New Build


I remember the first time I heard the saying, “I don’t even know what I don’t know,” and I thought “how true!”.

That phrase describes exactly what it is like for you when you don’t get the help of a professional interior designer during your new home construction or remodel.

From the outside, building a house might look seamless – every day is filled with new people on the job site and new products being delivered and installed.

But what you don’t anticipate is the panic feeling you’ll have when your contractor asks you what type of garbage disposal you want. Because you didn’t even know there were “choices” when it comes to something like a garbage disposal.

Yes, you as the homeowner have to make all these decisions, and if you don’t know what you don’t know…well, you get the picture.

The decision overwhelm and having to make selections without seeing them in person is a big ask for anyone not educated and experienced in interior design. And the last thing we want for you is ending up in a home that just doesn’t feel quite right.

Building your dream home should be fun and exciting, not a second job that you are not prepared for.

You might feel like you are savvy enough to select flooring, appliances, countertops, and tile that go together, (because you follow every notable designer on the planet), but there are SO many other minute details that you might not be prepared to make a decision on.

Your dream home should definitely be filled with the design features you truly love, but if you have to make selections on the fly, it might not be a dream after all.


1. A Creative Direction You’ll Love from Start to Finish

Your building contractor has the depth of expertise to pour the foundation, nail together the framing, install the plumbing pipes and all the electrical wiring, but the aesthetics of all the finishes and how a homeowner will use the space are more of a designers’ realm. We’ve had extensive training in space planning and we keep up-to-date on all the latest technology.

We know what the ideal type of flooring is for how your family lives. We know what appliances are going to work best for you based on how you use your kitchen, and we know how to pick a multitude of light fixtures for each rooms’ needs.

So yes, there is no doubt you are stylish and know what you want and like, but an interior designer will take those wants and give you the right options based on your needs. It is a lot easier to make a decision with three to four choices that your designer prequalifies for you than wandering the Kitchen and Bath Showroom aimlessly looking at hundreds of choices.

We have a tried-and-true process for helping you define the creative direction of your new home that looks cohesive and beautifully personal. You definitely don’t want it to look like you picked it out of a catalog. We also give you the confidence that what you (with our guidance) have selected is perfect BEFORE even one nail is hammered into place.

We spend a great deal of time (about 3 hours) getting to know you and your family. We do this through interviews, questionnaires, and inspiration files. Armed with this information, we’re able to make space planning and finish selections (generally we present you with two to three options).

We assemble these options into a presentation that includes floor plans, furniture plans, 3D renderings, actual samples, digital style guides, and showroom visits (we call them field trips).

It’s important that you make all these decisions before construction begins, because you don’t want to make mistakes (we call this unfortunate phenomenon “remodeling the remodel”, and we certainly don’t want that to happen to you).


2. Vendor Relationships that Make You an Insider

As designers, we have access to materials and finishes that you don’t even know exist (it’s that “what you don’t know” thing again).

We have developed deep relationships with manufacturers and vendors and, in fact, visit their factories and get personalized training on their products.

Because we have access to off-the-beaten-path resources, you get everything you need to design the home of your dreams that won’t trend out in a few years.


3. Negating Decision Overwhelm so You Can Enjoy the Process

Did you know that there are at least 65 different items you need to select for a new kitchen? We know this because we have a spreadsheet (a very long spreadsheet, click here to get a copy) that lists out each item. And we haven’t even mentioned the bathrooms!

Do you realistically have time to make approximately 145 selections for your new house? Imagine having to research each and every item before you make the decision (because of course you want to make educated decisions). If you’ve got a career and children, this is truly not possible if you want your build project to come out on time and on budget.

Most of our clients come to us in anxiety-ridden panic attacks because they think they know exactly what they want, but quickly become overwhelmed and doubting their choices.

We know the pros and cons of just about every product that goes into a home. We see them and study them every day. We also have the experience of trying many of them. And if we don’t, we know who to call to find out (our trusted trade vendors).

Having an interior designer as your advocate during your design build project means you will have help in making those decisions by someone who has your best interests and desired aesthetic at heart.


Your Happiest Result with Peace of Mind Along the Way

Having a fantastic interior designer on your team can save you so much time. There’s a TON of selections for every room of the home, and unless you have a lot of time and knowledge of all material sources, it’s hard to gather all the information you need. An interior designer is invaluable to help you achieve your vision.

We solve your build problems, save you time, and ultimately give you the peace of mind you deserve so you can enjoy the process and be excited about the outcome (instead of fearful that it might be all wrong).

During our clients’ build projects, we become so close. I truly have separation anxiety when the project is over because I miss seeing you every day. We want you to enjoy the journey and we’re passionate about helping you reach your dream home (in less time than you think)!

Need an interior designer on your team? We’ve got your back! Contact us here and let’s chat.

P.S. If I haven’t convinced you of the value an interior designer brings to your project, don’t take my word for it. Listen to this Podcast with Brad Leavit of AFT Construction where his gives you his perspective on the importance of interior designers.

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