The Quickest Way to Embrace Luxury Interior Design on a Budget

Furniture Shopping Hacks to Avoid Buying Mistakes

We all want to create a home where we can unwind, restore, and tap into our creative side.

But let’s face it… creating that vibe can be tough (especially on a budget).

So here are a few helpful hacks to help you find great quality furniture… without making any missteps.


Choose Quality Over Quantity When Sourcing your Furniture!

Choose products that are made to last (instead of pimped out of a mass-market manufacturer.)

Even if they’re more expensive in the short term, it’ll pay off in the long run (buy it once).


Don’t Pay for What You Don’t Need When looking at Furniture Pieces!

 Don’t be sucked into a trendy name (think RH), but rather pay for real substance.

Ask yourself if the price you’re seeing really reflects the value and quality of a furniture piece.


Don’t Skip the Furniture Reviews

 It’s hard to go wrong when you let other reviewers be your guide, when looking for new furniture.

They’ve seen the products—and they can help you make the right decision.

Speaking of great quality furniture, did you know I have a boutique furniture store?

You know what people say when they visit – “I feel like I don’t want to leave.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if your home had the same vibe?


You can Find Quality Furniture without Sticker Shock

No matter what or where you shop, quality is most important for finding great furniture. That’s why KTJ Design Co. only sources from the best Trade-Only vendors because we care.

But that does not mean our Shoppe isn’t affordable. No – we keep costs low because we go straight to the factories (cutting out the middleman) and offer you the absolute best prices on the best quality you’ll find anywhere.

You know it’s true you “get what you pay for” Ask yourself if the price reflects the true value and quality of a piece, or whether you’re paying for trendiness, convenience, or a popular name.

I know it’s convenient and the prices seems so good at those big box chain stores. Before you purchase from them, check fabric and material quality. If it doesn’t seem to add up to great craftsmanship, it may be time to look elsewhere.

Please give our little Shoppe a look when you are searching for new furniture. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and happy that you did.

Yes – we’re open!

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