Four Easy Steps to Make Your Bedroom More Serene


Four Easy Steps to Make Your Bedroom More Serene

My bedroom is my sanctuary – truly.  I have an Enso Sleep System and it is the best mattress ever (it is the line we carry in The Shoppe) it’s a motorized mattress so you can raise the head and feet to get just the right position. However, there is a zero gravity button, that does exactly what it says – it makes you feel weightless.

My intention each night is to get in bed, set the zero/g button and watch a little television (I know this is a no-no). The special zero/g position literally takes all the pressure off the pain points and your body immediately relaxes. Needless to say, within 10 minutes, no matter what riveting series I’m watching on Netflix, I am fast asleep. My husband has to turn off the TV and take off my glasses each night.  

With so many daily distractions and disturbing world events these days, it’s difficult to get into sleep mode.  But if your bedroom is set up to soothe, you can enjoy the quality sleep that is so important to our health. 

Here are four easy ways to make your bedroom more serene. From the perfect mattress to ditching the screens, you can get an ideal bedroom for optimum rest and relaxation. 


A Good Quality Mattress 

The most important element when it comes to getting the sleep you crave is a good quality mattress. My staff and I all have the Enso Sleep System because we like to test out what we recommend. We all swear by this mattress and all our clients agree it is the best. You know you have a great mattress, when you can’t wait to come home from vacation, just to get back into your own bed. So come visit us at The Shoppe to try out the Enso Sleep System.


Layers of Lighting 

Layer layer, layer your lighting. I have said this a million times and we always suggest a mix of lighting from table lamps and reading sconces to recessed lights and chandeliers. Dimmers are a must to control the mood and give you the ambiance you need. Window coverings are also important to block out the sunlight. I suggest black out rollers shades with drapery over them or Roman shades with blackout lining.


Pick a Perfect Palette 

The color palette in your bedroom can indeed affect your mood. I favor soothing hues of blues or greens with accents of ivory, mauve or gray. White and ivory sheets are always a must. They are classic and make the bed feel clean and crisp.


Leave the Tablet at the Door 

I’m totally guilty of screens in the bedroom (no shame – just reality). Studies indicate that blue light from electronics can interfere with your circadian rhythm (but in my case, I’ve debunked the science, haha). If you are like me and want a TV in the bedroom, I’ll give you a pass. But try to leave the telephone or tablets in the home office – we all need to unplug and if we can’t have a sacred 8 hours at night, then all is lost.

Designer Bedroom Picks

I’ve curated a special bedroom design for you. Go here to purchase any items you need for your serene bedroom (or buy it all!!)

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